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The Classroom

Bay Area Family Photographer

where you learn to make your fleeting moments 

Photography Lessons


Cherish the insignificant moments, they become the lasting memories!


Hi! I am Heena!

I a mom of these two munchkins and hopefully your photography guide for now and forever!

I believe families are beautiful, loud, messy, far from perfect and so full of love! And that is exactly what I want to teach you, to photograph the love and connection of your beautiful family.

I am a sucker for emotive, love-soaked images. Everybody smiling into the camera is not my idea of authentic emotion!

My teaching reflects a lot of my photography style. I show you my exact method that I use to elicit beautiful smiles and authentic emotions.

Happy Learning!


Got questions?

Please feel free to reach out. I answer every single one my emails!

The Wednesday

A little quirky a lot entertaining newsletter

I send one tip to photograph your family, pets, flowers and everything in between. Exclusive deals and specials and some very funny anecdotes.

My readers tell me they look forward to the newsletter every Wednesday.

Want a list of my favorite locations in the San Francisco Bay Area to find Spring Flowers?

Every family has a story to tell, ready to capture yours?

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