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Welcome to the Lounge!

the only time in life when you will fall in love with someone you haven't met!

I am so glad you are here! 

Helping you preserve the most beautiful and fleeting moments of your life is my passion!

let me answer the biggest question every mom-to-be has:

You and your partner will never feel awkward in front of camera, you will be having so much fun!

 I capture genuine emotions and heartfelt smiles. We come back with memories you will cherish for life.

Sit back and relax and let me take you through the process.

 Bookmark this page for future references, I will go over everything you need to know to create the most beautiful pictures ever! 


Hi! I am Heena!

First things first:

I a mom of these two munchkins and hopefully your family photographer for now and forever!

I believe families are beautiful, loud, messy, far from perfect and so full of love! And that is exactly what I want to capture for you, a glimpse into the love and connection of your beautiful family.

I am a sucker for emotive, love-soaked images. Everybody smiling into the camera is not my idea of authentic emotion!

My sessions are fun and laid back. We explore a park together, play lots of fun games, sing silly songs and sometimes dance and spend some meaningful time together!


I am your friend, planner, styling assistant and your bag and jacket bearer.

You will be letting me in to the intimate moments of your family, its imperative that we connect at a deeper level!

Let's get you started!


Your Candid, Emotive and Heartfelt

photographs start here!

I would love to know more about you and your expectations,  this helps me  provide you with the most personalized experience.


When you have a few minutes, fill this questionnaire for me.




Planning doesn't have to be stressful!

I help you every step of the way to make this is a fun and stress free experience.

My meticulously crafted Information & Style guides help you prepare for the session, everything from helping you pick the color palette to choosing your outfits.


A photo session that is so much fun!

I let kids run free and play to their hearts content. We play some fun games, sing songs, dance and sometimes have a tickle fest. I believe in authentic, un-posed and heart-felt photography. I promise I will never say "cheese"

Premium hand crafted family heirlooms

It is so important for me that you walk away from our time together with something tangible to hold on to!

Memories get lost in digital media, life belongs in print. I gift you hand crafted flat-lay premium photo albums that you will pass on to your grandkids!


you never understand life until it grows inside of you...

A perfect way to document big bumps and tiny toes!