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6 Steps to a Memorable and Stress free Fall Family Photoshoot

How to Plan a Fall Family Photoshoot That Your Kids Will Love

Fall is, hands down, the most beautiful time of the year. Everything is vibrant and colorful and so full of beauty. The weather is cooling down and you can finally enjoy an evening in a park without worrying too much about the heat!

The changing colors remind us how quickly transitions can happen and how quickly the little ones grow up. No wonder this is the most popular time for a Family Photoshoot because Fall is a reminder of an inevitable change.

The perfect time to book your Fall Family Photoshoot is now and if you have never booked a Family Photo session before, I know it can be really stressful!

So here are some tips to make your Fall Family Session memorable and stress free.

Fall Family Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Fall Family Photoshoot

Book in advance

This one is a no-brainer but has to be said over and over again. Each year I have to turn down families because my(and every other photographer’s during Fall) calendar gets full way before October.

So if you know you will be looking for a Fall Family Photoshoot in October, book now!

Get on the calendar of your favorite photographer and save yourself some last minute hassle.

Fall is the busiest season for Photographers, so grab your spot now!

How much does Fall Family Photo session Cost

Fall is a special time of the year and a lot of photographers will be offering various types of photo sessions with varying cost.

Let me go over the two most common ones.

Signature Fall Photo sessions(also known as Full Length, Original, Standard), these are usually the standard Family Photo sessions in a beautiful location and are 1 hour long.

Most families prefer these photo sessions because you can customize these per your Family’s needs and bring your vision to life. You and your photographer plan this session together down to location and outfits. These sessions are anywhere between $800 to $1500, depending upon the photographer and the services they offer.

The second flavor of Fall Family Photo sessions is the Mini Sessions

A lot of photographers offer mini sessions during Fall. These sessions are scheduled back to back at a predetermined location.

You will be able to pick a slot from the available options and enjoy your quick family sessions.

The Mini Sessions are usually 15-20 minutes long and can cost anywhere between $300 to $500.

I am offering a limited number of both Signature and Mini Fall Sessions. Check out to know more about the Fall Sessions here.

Share your vision

We all have these amazing ideas of what we want our photoshoot to look and feel like. What is the one image you are craving for that will make it worth your while? Do you want to include pets or some special props that are meaningful for your family?

The best way to bring your vision to life is to share it with your photographer.

Tell them all about your expectations, the must have images and the props that you want to include.

Do you or your family have a special request?

Would you need any special assistance on the day of?

Is there a time that works better for you?

The more you talk to your photographer the better prepared they will be to offer you the experience you and your family deserves!

Fall wardrobe

This is my favorite and the most important topic to discuss when planning a Fall Family Photoshoot.

Your wardrobe can make or break an image. Your outfits will define how timeless your images will be and how vibrant the colors are in your photographs.

I have dedicated a whole blog post on What to wear for your Fall Family Photoshoot.

To sum it up here:

  • Start with a color palette. You want to first pick colors and then figure out outfits in those colors. My all time favorites are Earthy tones, they photograph so well! Some other options can be pastels, neutrals, hues of reds, oranges or yellows. Think about the Fall colors and pick from those.

  • Do not match - but coordinate. The days of wearing matching clothes are a thing of the past. Coordinate your entire family’s outfits around 2-3 colors you have picked.

  • Skip the logos. Nothing distracts away from a photograph than a big logo or text on an outfit.

  • Use your style. Do not let Pintrest guide your decision. Choose what you love to wear and go from there.

Be on time

Cannot stress this enough!

The last thing you want, right before your photoshoot, is to be rushing to your location filled with sweat and anxiety, especially if you have little kids.

Kids don't like to be pushed around too much and dragging them out of the car straight to the photoshoot will only result in tantrums and unhappy parents.

Take your time, arrive early and enjoy some family time together before you begin the photoshoot. And if you have booked a Mini Session, there will be Families being photographed before and after your slot, so it's even more important to get there on time.

Let go and have fun

You have done all the planning, your kids are all dressed up and looking so cute, you are here and in good hands! Now let go and have some fun.

The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your kids and partner will be.

We are here to create beautiful memories and spend some meaningful time together. So just get in the moment and enjoy these gorgeous people you call family.

Let’s capture all the love that surrounds your family. And all those smiles and laughter will make for such amazing pictures.

I hope this eased some of your nerves.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact me.

And whenever you are ready, Book your Fall Family Sessions here.


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I am a mom and to two little munchkins and just like you I am a memory keeper of mprecious little family.


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I believe the most important legacy that we give our children is happy memories.



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