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Ultimate Guide to Mom & Me mini Photoshoot

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Mom & Me Photoshoot in San Jose

Mom & Me Photoshoot in San Jose by Beautiful Stories Photography
Mom & Me Photoshoot in San Jose

There is nothing more beautiful in this world than the bond between a Mother and her Child. And the Mom and Me photoshoots are a celebration of the precious bond you hold with your child. They way you look at this beautiful little human and the way they hold your face in their tiny hands. The way they snuggle up close to you and lay their head on your chest.

As a mom, I understand how priceless these memories are to you. The years are short after all. They grow up so fast!

Mom and me photoshoot helps you preserve the tiny little details and the most precious memories of their childhood. Together we will create and capture moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

What is a Mom and Me Session?

Picture a beautiful, dreamy and calm place, gentle wind blowing in your hair. A tender, intimate and uninterrupted moment with your kid, laughing, snuggling, kissing and taking it all in! Just being in the moment and appreciating this beautiful human you call your own.

Mom and Me session gives you an opportunity to capture all the love you feel for each other and preserve it forever!

At these sessions I work with you and your little one in a fun and laid back setting. We play silly games, sing songs, sometimes dance to our favorite songs and make beautiful memories together. Kids will have so much fun, they will ask for more!

A lot of moms worry about their kids being shy or not behaving well. At Mom and Me sessions we give them space to just be kids and have a real moment with their mom without having to put up a show or smile into the camera.

When and Where will the Mom and Me Sessions take place?

Mom and Me session will be an outdoor photo session and take place in a park in Los Gatos or South San Jose in the late afternoon, between 3-5pm.

The canopy will be all set up for you to come and enjoy. The sunlight filtering through the canopy will create some of the most magical photographs.

How long is the Mom and Me photoshoot?

Mom and Me sessions are designed to be 15 minute mini sessions to celebrate Motherhood. You and your little ones will come out for a fun afternoon, get in the Canopy for 15 minutes where we will capture some fun and beautiful moments. You can then be on your way to spend the rest of the afternoon hiking or enjoying the park.

What happens at the Mom and Me Photo Session?

Mom and Me sessions are designed to be short, sweet and fun. You get to the park with your kiddos, choose the props that you would like to use for the photosession. Sing songs or play games while you wait for your turn.

At your session slot, you and the kids will come to the canopy with the props you choose. We will keep it silly and funny the entire time. There will be snuggles and tickles and kisses and some really sweet moments. I will photograph the love and connection between you and your littles. Everyone looking into the camera and smiling is not my idea of a love soaked image.

Are Mom and Me sessions only for Babies and Small Children?

As much as everyone thinks of little babies when I talk about the Mom and Me sessions, these are actually not just for little kids! Ask any mom of a teenager, she would give anything to get a picture with her kids. As long as you can convince your kids to come for a photoshoot, I would say, go for it!

If you want to convince your Mom to join in for a photoshoot… go for it too!

How much do the Mom and Me Photo sessions cost?

Mom and me photoshoots are an investment into the most valuable memories of your littles. These will be the pictures that you will cherish for the rest of your life. For $250 you will create a legacy of happy memories that you will pass down to generations.

What is included in my Mom and Me Photo session?

Your gorgeous photos and precious memories deserve to be printed and adorned on the walls of your living room and not get lost in some cloud storage! So while I do give you 5 to 7 digital files, it is very important for me that you walk away from our time together, something tangible to hold on to.

Mom and Me sessions include:

  • 5-7 digital files with an option to buy more.

  • 3 8X10 fine art prints, ready to be framed

When do I get my pictures?

I know how eager you are to get back your pictures. And I am eager too, to get them to you quickly and awe you with some beautiful artwork.

However, post processing is where I make your pictures to go from WOW to OMG! So it will take about 3 weeks for me to get your amazing pictures!

How do I book a Mom and Me Photo session?

So glad you asked! Head on to the Mom and Me Mini Session page to book yourself a slot!

Or shoot me an email if you have any questions.

What to wear for a Mom and Me Photoshoot?

Mom & Me is a style photoshoot with a blush pink canopy decked with spring flowers.

Colors of your outfits are everything in this photoshoot.

To make sure you rock this photoshoot, I created a guide to help you pick your color schemes and outfit. Check out What to wear for Mom & Me Photoshoot

How to prep for my Mom and Me photoshoot?

Mom and Me photoshoot is your opportunity to connect deeply with your little ones. To make sure you and your littles are ready for the photoshoot, it's imperative that we prep you all well before time! Getting a stellar photoshoot always begins from home:

  • Involve your kids in their outfit selection. If your kids are like mine, they have opinions about what they will and will not wear. Involving them in this process ensures fewer tantrums later.

  • If they still nap, make sure their naps are not cut short. Tired and hungry kids want nothing to do with a photoshoot. Feel free to bring snacks to the photoshoot if that is when they usually eat.

  • Bring their loveys/favorite toys

  • Leave early! Give yourself plenty of time to get to the photoshoot. Kids don’t like to be rushed.

  • Once you are there, leave all the worries behind. Do not worry about outfits getting dirty and kids wanting to run away. Stained jeans are so much better than cranky kids!

  • Be in the moment and enjoy the company of your littles!

What happens after the photoshoot?

After the photoshoot, don’t forget to pick your goody bags I so lovingly packed for you! This afternoon was set up so you can enjoy the company of your little humans, so head out for an ice cream or pizza date. Make this an afternoon they will never forget!

And if you really enjoyed working with me, please leave a Google Review, there is no better gift!

What if I want more pictures from the photoshoot?

If you fall in love with your gallery, there is an option to upgrade to a full gallery for $200.

This will include all the pictures from the photoshoot that I selected and edited per my artistic vision.

If a mini session left you wanting for more, you can book a Signature Session where I photograph your entire family.


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I believe the most important legacy that we give our children is happy memories.



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