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What do moms really want for Mother's Day?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Meaningful gifts for Moms on Mother’s Day

Mom and Me Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Mom and Me, San Jose

It’s mother’s day and you are looking for ideas to celebrate with your Mom or your kids in the most meaningful way. After all this is one day when Moms get to demand what they want instead of fulfilling everyone else’s wishes.

A breakfast in bed or a bouquet of flowers seems pretty nice, but all the cleaning that we end up doing after the said breakfast is not something I look forward to! So every year I tell my little munchkins what I really want for Mother's day. That way, they are happy to give me what I really want and I am happy to get something that I have been looking for!

Here is my list of favorite things for a Mother's Day gift. hint, nudge or spell it out, however you want your munchkins to surprise you!

Here's a list of our top picks:

  • A handmade personal gift

  • A massage appointment

  • A clean house

  • A well planned meal

  • Family movie/pizza night

  • Wine Subscription

  • Wine tasting

  • Family Picnic

  • Personalized Video

A handmade personal gift

You know the little things they make at their daycare or school. The one which is actually their teacher’s idea but it was their little hands that glued things together or splashed some colors on it. Yeah, love those! Handmade gifts are my absolute favorite. It might seem silly to look at a card with their hand print, but everytime I look at one of those little hands now, I am taken aback at how small they were. They grow so fast and these little things are all we left with.

A massage appointment

I mean, moms with little kids everywhere can use one of those! I don’t know one mom who has never had a backache, after all we carry the little one around everywhere! Even to the toilet!

And an hour of no one calling your name and demanding snack.. That is all the gift that I need!

A clean house

This is more on your partner though, but seriously, waking up to a sparkling clean house.. Can you ask for anything else?

I would probably just die of happiness if that happens to me :-)

A well planned meal or family pizza night

Don’t you feel like we end up planning meals throughout our day? Starting with breakfast and until the kids are in bed again, we are a constant supplier of meals and snacks. So when my kids and husband plan a pizza night.. I am all in! Just sitting there and not worrying about cooking and having the meal prepared without my help at all.. That is all I need to have the best Mother’s day ever!

Wine subscription/Wine tasting with a picnic

Do I need to say more? I love the wineries that have picnic areas and allow kids. What’s more fun than a Mother’s Day picnic? A Mother’s day picnic with wine tasting!

Our favorite winery(Picchetti Winery) has a beautiful outdoor picnic area and a small stream flows nearby. It's a delight for both Moms and the kids. And this is where we spend most of our Mother’s day weekends!

Personalized video

These became very popular during covid when people could not meet their families for fun occasions. But I love them even today. A personalized video has the power to move you into tears and fill you up with so much love and joy all at the same time!

This is something though, I help my kids create, they are too small to do this by themselves. But the Mother’s Day message in their cute little voices is a treasure in itself!

Professional Photoshoot

Well, there is no running away from my camera on Mother’s day. Every year, way in advance, I tell my kids the one thing that I truely, deeply want for Mother’s day. And that is the yearly portrait of me with my kids! They are more than happy to do this for Mother’s day knowing this will make me really happy.

These portraits are such a bittersweet reminder of how much they have grown year over year and how my older one doesn’t fit in my lap anymore. Get yourself a Mom and Me photoshoot, you will be so glad you did!

Mom, you deserve to create memories with your little ones. And if they are too little to plan, plan this day yourself. Involve your kids and make sweet little traditions that you can recreate year after year. This time with our littles in limited, soon they will be too old to indulge in a Mother’s day celebration. Until then, let every Mother’s day count!

Are you ready to make this Mother’s day the most memorable one?


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