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Family photography by Bay Area Family Photographer

About Me

Bay Area Family Photographer

What working with me looks like?

I believe Families are beautiful, messy, wild, far from perfect and so full of love!

I let kids run and play to their hearts content. The authentic moments and passionate hugs don't come from perfectly posed families. I capture genuine emotions and heartfelt smiles. Everybody perfectly posed and smiling into the camera is not my goal.

I know how daunting it is to prepare for your photoshoot.

 I help you every step of the way,

from choosing the most perfect location to finalizing your outfits to getting your pictures printed. I strive to take the stress out of the photoshoot and make it a fun activity, that will leave your kids asking for more :-) 

Are you ready

to go explore a new park, play some fun games, may be get a little dirty and spend some meaningful time together? 

Heena Mukhi from Beautiful Stories Photography

I am Heena!

I am a mom to two little kids, 9 and 2.

I am a Software Engineer by day and I moonlight as a Bay Area Family Photographer 

My creative journey started when my daughter was born.  Photographing our everyday, mundane and beautiful life quickly became my passion. 

I love to photograph families, nothing tugs at heart strings like looking at old photographs and reminiscing stories of our lives. And that is what I want to create for your family. Your Beautiful Stories!


My sessions are fun and relaxed, we are out to have a good time and not follow a Pinterest board. Photoshoots are usually in a beautiful location in south Bay Area like Los Gatos, Campbell, Cupertino, Saratoga or San Jose.

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Best Newborn Photographer in Campbell
Family photography by Bay Area Family Photographer

A moment frozen in time!

This is why photographs are important. This is the very first photograph of us as a family of four! We waited so long for my little boy to join our family. After 7 years, when we became a family of four, I took this image of us. It still hangs in our living room as a reminder that the best of things take time!

Beautiful Stories Photography 

Bay Area Family, Maternity, Newborn Photographer | San Francisco Bay Area | San Jose | South Bay Area

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