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The Wednesday!

An Email Newsletter you would actually look forward to!​

I send weekly emails with fun anecdotes, exclusive deals and tips & tricks to photograph your littles!

See you Wednesday!

A little quirky, a little entertaining, just quite like Wednesday!

Isn't it the most exhilarating experience when you feel like you have found your tribe and you are finally seen. Well, my hope is that is what you will feel when you get on this weekly journey with me.

I am Heena!

I am a mom, a family photographer and hopefully the creator of your newsletter, The Wednesday!

My not-so super powers include baking stuff that no one eats, planning for weekend hikes(where I end up carrying my toddler through and through) and pretending to work while watching the most boring movie my husband found us on Netflix!


Beautiful Stories Photography 

Bay Area Family, Maternity, Newborn Photographer | San Francisco Bay Area | San Jose | South Bay Area

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