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Bay Area Newborn Photographer 

Helping moms preserve the most beautiful, precious and fleeting moments of their life!

Sometimes the smallest things take the most place in your heart...

Serving the San Francisco South Bay Area: Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Los Gatos, San Jose & Los Gatos

Bay Area Newborn Photographer

You hold in your arms your little miracle! So strange, how something so tiny can fill up your heart with so much love and joy!

Do you wish to create memories you would never ever want to forget?

Newborn Photo sessions take place in the comfort of your home or outdoors.

These are centered around the safety of baby. No in-organic poses and no weird props.

Just your beautiful baby and as many feeding & changing breaks the baby needs!


Centered around safety and comfort of the baby

At Newborn Photo session I capture the love that fills your heart and home with so much joy and happiness.

Bay Area Newborn Photographer

very co-operative with the baby's needs and made the entire photo session a fun activity

Heena has been an absolute delight to work with. From discussing what to wear to setting the tone of pics, she gets you perfectly. Like every new mom, I was skeptical about the baby schedule and nap and feed, etc. But Heena is super lovely, she was very co-operative with the baby's needs and made the entire photo session a fun activity. A definite goto for making all my life events memorable. 



HI! I am Heena!

I am a mom to two little munchkins and hopefully your newborn photographer!

I believe Babies are beautiful as they are and are happiest in their parents arms!

The comfort and safety of the baby is my top priority.

No in-organic poses and no over-feeding the baby for the photoshoot.

 We take as many breaks as the baby needs.

Are you ready

to preserve memories you will cherish for the rest of your life? 


Bay Area Newborn Photographer 

Heena specialises in capturing the essence of newborns through deeply connected, laid-back, baby-led newborn photography sessions and has been serving families with newborns in the San Francisco Bay Area for an extensive period. 


Heena has gained recognition for her ability to create stunning, lively, and personal images that tugs at your heart strings. She ensures that her photography sessions are tailored to your and your baby’s needs resulting in the most beautiful heirlooms that you will pass on to generations.


During the newborn sessions, Heena provides gentle guidance to her families, allowing their stories to unfold naturally. She captures the unique love and connection that binds your beautiful family. She is a natural light photographer and believes in creating magic with love, light and laughter.

Lets get you started?

Your favorite pictures are just a click away!

A Newborn Photo session designed just for your little one!

Newborn Photography Packages

I work at the pace of baby and capture this most beautiful and fleeting stage of your newborn's life! Whether at your home or outdoors, I strive to capture the love and connection of your beautiful family.

You book your session with a sitting fee of $300

The session fee includes, all the post and pre consultation and the actual photoshoot.

After the photoshoot preview, you get to choose from one of the following collections

The Story   Teller

$100 Print Credit

15 Digital Images


The Memory Keeper

$200 Print Credit

25 Digital Images


The Heirloom Creator

$400 Print Credit

40 Digital Images


" Let the planning begin! -  Bay Area Maternity Photographer - Maternity Photographer"

Because they grow so fast...

Lets talk!
Frequently asked questions - Bay Area Maternity Photographer - Maternity Photographer
  • When should I book my Maternity Photoshoot?
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! It's such a special time. Most moms-to-be start showing starting their third trimester and get their Maternity Photoshoot between 32 to 36 weeks. You would want to get the photoshoot before you start getting uncomfortable. So working backwards, to make sure you get the date you want, you should look at booking your Maternity Session in your second trimester.
  • How do I find the best location?
    I help you choose the location that will work the best for you. I have a list a locations that I know photograph beautifully in every season. You can find all my favorite locations for Bay area Maternity Photoshoot here:
  • What to wear for Maternity Photoshoot?
    Your Maternity Photoshoot includes an access to my client closet. You can choose an outfit from the closet or get your own. I also share with you a styling guide that helps you pick color palette and outfits for your photoshoot. Together we will find the most beautiful outfit for you!

Why hire Heena? 

You never want to forget how precious and beautiful your baby feels in your arms. How you have longed all this time to hold this precious miracle close to your heart. I am a mom to two little munchkins and I know exactly how you feel!

That is what I capture in my newborn photoshoots, the love that surrounds your beautiful family.


My sessions are relaxed and laid-back and I follow the pace of the baby. We take as many feeding or changing breaks as the baby needs. I never want you to overfeed your baby or change their nap or feeding schedules.


I also know how precious and fragile these little humans are. That’s why I keep up on my vaccine and boosters and mask up before I enter your home.

The safety and comfort of your baby is my highest priority!


I only take a limited number of families each year so I can offer you a session tailored towards your and your baby’s needs. You can read all about the love that my clients have shared on my client testimonials page.


I am so excited to meet you and your little human.

Give me a call!

Bay Area Newborn Photographer

Beautiful Stories Photography 

San Francisco Bay Area | San Jose | South Bay Area

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