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Hey Mama! Don't Let Diaper Duty Kill Your Valentine's Vibe: 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day with Your Newborn

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It’s almost Valentine's day and I know what you are thinking…. It feels so different from any other Valentine’s day you have celebrated in the past!

The sipping of wine on a candlelit dinner seems to be replaced by feeding your baby in the middle of yet another night. You are tired and sleepless and celebrating Valentine’s day with your newborn is definitely not on your to-do list.

But let me tell you, as long as these days seem, they go by too fast and never again will you get to celebrate your baby’s First Valentine’s Day!

Here’s how you can celebrate a low key yet beautiful Valentine’s day with your family and that precious little bundle in your arms.

Newborn Photoshoot with Beautiful Stories Photography

Get Dressed to celebrate Valentines Day with Your Newborn

It’s Valentine’s day! Dress that cute little baby up!

For both my babies, I got valentine’s themed outfits and nothing ever looked sweeter than my little cupids in their heart onesies.

And while you are at it, get a matching outfit for yourself or for your entire family. It is definitely a mood puller-upper! Isn’t it?

Roses are red, Violets are blue

Just because you had a baby doesn’t mean you and your partner can not pamper and spoil each other with Valentine’s roses and the heart shaped chocolates!!

Go all in with the gifts for your partner.

You both are doing an amazing job bringing that little baby up. And you deserve all the pampering in this world.

And those flowers will bring in such a sweet smell and will be a treat to tired eyes every time you look at them.

Get out of the house for a stroll 

As hard as it may seem to bundle the baby up for the weather outside, I can’t tell you enough how much your body and mind will benefit from that stroll.

Layer up and step outside.

Hold hands with your partner and walk around the neighborhood.

Exchange your love notes. Tell them how much they and this sweet baby mean to you.

The fresh air and meaningful conversation will bring a smile to your face that your favorite rom-com cannot!

Get yourself a sweet treat

While your baby cannot eat any sweets, you certainly can!

Indulge your sweet tooth and get something you have been craving! 

For me Valentine’s day means sizzling hot brownies with vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge. I save up on dessert for days just so I can enjoy my sinful dessert on the one night everyone celebrates love!

It is your undying love for brownies!!

Newborn Photoshoot with Beautiful Stories Photography

Capture all the cuteness

In a blink of an eye, this sweet little cupid of yours will grow up and will be a toddler the next time Valentine’s day rolls in.

And I can tell you by experience, you are gonna miss this sweet little angel sleeping peacefully in your arms.

So get your phone out(better yet, call me) and capture all this baby cuteness.

Capture your matching outfits and stroll in the park.

Take a small video of how tiny your little bundle of joy looks.

We can never have enough photos of our babies now, can we?

Candlelight Dinner Date

Just because fancy restaurants seem like a distant memory, a fancy dinner need not be one!

Order in from your favorite restaurant, dim the lights, light up the candles and get your fancy china out. 

There will be no waiting outside in the cold and delicious warm food will be at your beautifully decked table within minutes. 

Enjoy your dinner and warm snuggles with your baby in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Valentine’s day is about celebrating love. Whether it's the traditional movie and a dinner date night or a dinner-in at your own home, celebrate the love that fills your life, in all its messy, beautiful forms.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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