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10 Ways to Celebrate Your Baby’s First Holiday Season

Create Lasting Memories with Your Baby This Holiday Season

Bay Area Newborn Photo Session by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Newborn Photo Session

It's the Holiday season! And not just any Holiday Season…. It's your baby’s very First Holiday Season!

You obviously want to make this season extra special and memorable for this beautiful human being in your arms.

I get it! 

I have had the pleasure of celebrating my baby’s first Holiday Season too.

And yes, it is a special time in your and your baby’s life.

I too, am one of those people that start playing Holiday music as soon as Halloween is over. We pull out our Holiday books and Holiday light and read over and over way after January 1st 😀

Let me tell you how I made Holidays extra special for my babies and continue to do so over the years.

Manage expectations for Baby's First Holiday Season

Before we get into the nitty gritty of making this the best Holiday Season ever, I want you to pause.

Really pause.

And think what is it that you really want from this season?

A season filled with love, warmth and unforgettable memories…. Right?

What you also want is to be able to relax, savor this time in your life and let go of all the expectations you have from yourself.

Expectations reduce joy and create so much stress!

So, make this the most special holiday season, but do not forget to give yourself some downtime. You deserve it!

Bay Area Newborn Photo Session by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Newborn Photo Session

Never compromise on sleep

And now the second most important thing, we will discuss all the fun, I promise. But I have to get this out of the way.

I am a firm believer in keeping babies on schedule. They do so much better. I do so much better. And everyone else can actually enjoy the company of my baby and me when we are well rested.

Now, I am not asking you to drop everything and come back home when it's nap time. But be mindful. By all means, let the baby nap on the go, in the stroller or in your arms. You know your baby the best, do what you have to do.

Start a new Family Tradition

This is my favorite. You get to start your own Family tradition. Anything that you love doing, it can be as simple as reading Christmas books by the tree or as elaborate as baking a log cake. Whatever brings you joy.

For me, traditions are always something simple and meaningful and something that ties the Holiday with a cherished childhood memory.

We love sitting by the fire and reading our books. Whenever it gets cold outside, my kids rush by the fire with their books in hand. To me, that is the sweetest tradition of our family.

What will be yours?

Get Family PJs

Don’t know about you but once the Holiday PJs hit the store… I cannot not buy those!!!

Holiday PJs are comfy and cute and just so adorable. We all go together and vote on the one that everyone likes and then we all get our PJs.

Get your little family Holiday PJs and enjoy how cute you all will look sitting by the fire every night.

While you are at it, don’t forget to include furry friends!

Deck the nursery

Babies love looking at the twinkling lights and the big bright Holiday decorations. Bring some Holiday cheer into your nursery and deck those walls.

Diaper changes will become a breeze when the baby is all occupied looking at those beautiful decorations.

Whether you want to give the baby their own Christmas Tree or Menorah Candles, make sure the lights are all off during the nap and bedtimes. 

These little humans tend to get carried away with all the holiday cheer!

Create personalized ornaments

Every year we get a few personalized ornaments, depending upon what was happening in that year. For example, we have a special ornament when each of our babies were born. We have ornaments of the hobbies they had in that year.

Not only are these ornaments adorable, they have such amazing stories associated with them. Every year when we are putting up the ornaments we get to talk about these beautiful stories and share cherished moments with our little ones.

So go for the ornament shopping, get them personalized and share the stories with your little one next year. That’s an amazing way to make the Holiday Season a memorable one… isn’t it?

Go for local Holiday Activities

Do you have any favorite local holiday activities from when you were a kid?

Like ice skating, visiting Santa or a holiday light show, bake sale or the weekend Holiday market?

Take your baby on your favorite Holiday Activity and watch them light up looking at all the Holiday decor. This is also a great way to make baby friends and enjoy a day in your community.

Not only will you and your family enjoy the day, you will also help some local artists and shops. A win for everyone in the community!

Bake baby friendly treats

I know babies don’t eat sugar or processed foods until they are one year old… and thank goodness for that! 

But they can still enjoy some baby friendly holiday treats. Like banana pancakes(sans the syrup and sugar) or sweet potato cookies.

Search up some fun baby recipes and include them in the Holiday feast. Even if your baby won't eat much of the baked goods, they will love the company of the family on the Holiday dinner.

What better memory than enjoying a Holiday dinner together!

Read Holiday themed books

Reading books together is such a precious bonding time. I know what you are thinking, your baby doesn’t understand much about books yet.

And you are right.

But they love your calming voice and when you read to them, they get to hear your voice over and over. When they will grow up, this will be one of their core memories.

So get some holiday books, get dramatic with your reading and enjoy this little holiday activity with your sweet bay.

Bay Area Newborn Photo Session by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Newborn Photo Session

Mark the occasion with a Family Photoshoot

I know life is busy right now. You have too many things on your plate and planning a Family Photoshoot seems like a lot of work. But this beautiful time in your life is so short!

Soon this baby will be a toddler and you will start to forget how tiny he felt in your arms or how peaceful it felt when she laid her head on your chest.

Capture these precious memories. Especially your matching holiday pjs. You would love to look back on these pictures later in life.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season. And if you are looking for a Family Photo Session in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact me!


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