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5 Favorite props for Fall Family Photos

Our Favorite Ideas for Creating Memorable Photos for your Family this Fall

Fall is here and so is the desire to take gorgeous, candid and fun filled family photos.

If you are anything like me, the changing colors have gotten you all excited. Your social media feed that is full of gorgeous fall images is only fueling your excitement.

I mean it is, hands down, the most beautiful and fun of all seasons.

That brings me to the next part… my favorite props to take Fall Family Photos.

I know kids aren’t really too excited about getting their pictures taken.. But it changes in fall. And do you know why? Because of all the fun props they get to use during a Fall Family Photo session.

Fall Family Photos in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Fall Family Photos in Bay Area

Fall Leaves for your Fall Family Photos

I mean, obviously! The beautiful fall leaves are everywhere.. From beautiful vibrant trees to the ground covered in the hues of yellow and reds! And I am yet to meet a kid who doesn’t like to jump in the piles of Fall Leaves.

Let them play in the leaves, throwing the leaves in the air or jumping in the pile of leaves, both situations will lead to amazing photographs that will smile to your face for years to come.

Want to take it up a notch?

Make a Fall Leaves crown and let your kid adorn the beautiful crown for gorgeous Fall Portraits.


Another fun prop for Fall Photos, visit the pumpkin patch and let your kids explore all the pumpkins and just follow them around. Get low to the ground so you can get the “Child’s View” perspective. Little kids surrounded by pumpkins or trying to lift a very heavy pumpkin is a sight to behold and a beautiful memory to relive over and over again.

And if you are into it, by all means carve the pumpkins you get from the pumpkin patch.

I still lovingly admire the picture of pure disgust on my daughter’s face when she stuck her hand, for the first time ever, inside of a pumpkin during pumpkin carving.

The best part, the pumpkins will be such fun fall decorations for your house. What’s not to love, eh?

Fall Family Photos in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Fall Family Photos in Bay Area

Cozy Blankets

This is my personal favorite! My little ones still come in to snuggle every morning and what a precious memory it is to be snuggling your little one, on a crisp autumn evening and just having the time of your life!

Blankets also add such amazing texture and layers to the photographs.

Get creative with the colors or pattern of the blanket if you are all dressed in neutrals. It will add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral scene.

Another fun game to play with blankets is Parachute. Kids love to play the parachute and run around trying to escape the blanket. Guaranteed laughs and giggles and the prettiest smiles for your Fall Family Photos!

Apples or Smores

After pumpkin, Apple is the fruit of the season. Whether you are visiting an apple orchard or making an apple pie or getting the traditional back to school portrait with an apple, it's such a fun prop to include!

I have to say that visiting our local orchard Gizdich Ranch is our most favorite fall activity and we come back with beautiful pictures, happy hearts and lots of apple pies!

Another family favorite fall prop are smores. Build some bonfire and hand over smores kits and document your family having the time of their life exchanging stories and making smores!

They will get a lot of fun out of this activity and you will get amazing pictures.

Fall Family Photos in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Fall Family Photos in Bay Area


Whether it's a Hay maze or just the plain brown grass, let your kids have fun jumping around in hay, throwing it up in the air and at you! Make a game out of it and watch them have fun and let out the belly laughs.

Photographing little kids in the huge Hay Maze is my favorite! Try different perspectives, get down or behind the hay and shoot to your heart's content. Also all the brown can really add so much gold in your photographs during sunset, so time your visit to the Hay Maze.

These are just a few of the many great props that you can use to create beautiful, memorable and heart felt images of your family.

Fall Family Photos in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Fall Family Photos in Bay Area

Here are some additional tips for using props in fall family photos:

  • Keep it simple. Too many props can quickly become overwhelming.

  • Choose props that are fun and meaningful for your family. The little ones don’t care about Apple Orchard? Skip the apple orchard and visit the pumpkin farm instead.

  • Photograph your family doing things they love. This will ensure their happiness and you will come home to beautiful memories.

  • Have fun! That’s all that matters. If you are having fun and the kids are having fun, you will look back at these images with so much love in your heart. Stop photographing them before they get cranky.

Go out there and have some fun! Is there a better memory than capturing your kids laughing and living their best life!

Now that you know all the amazing props to photograph your gorgeous family, here's a Free Guide to DIY your Fall Family Photoshoot!


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