5 Reasons why you should get a Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoot

You hold in your arms the most precious gift you have ever received. Those tiny fingers curled around your hand, that beautiful baby smell and that little head resting on your chest! There is absolutely no other place you would rather be!

And for that baby you are home! She recognizes your voice, knows the rhythm of your heart and is familiar with your smell. There is absolutely no other place she would rather be!

A Newborn lifestyle photographer thats exactly that! Keeps you together!

Keeps Babies, Parents and Siblings at home!

A Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoot happens in the safety and familiarity of your home! You don't have take your little bundle with a fragile immune system to a strange studio or in an outdoor location. They stay home, the only other place they have ever known! With very few variables in the equation, you and your baby can relax and have a fun and peaceful time. This arrangement especially works out when you have older siblings in the family. They can hop in the frame for a few pictures then take a break when the little one is getting the photographer's attention. Being home gives the older sibling all the breaks that they need!

Organic Poses

Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoots ensures the poses are natural and seamless. Babies are either swaddled in their crib or getting a massage on the bed or snuggling with his parents. The hugs and kisses and snuggles ooze so much love and that is what is captured in the photoshoot.

Comfort over Style

No newborns love to be covered in lace and frills. And no newborns enjoy flying on a broom like Harry Potter. They like to be warm and cozy and to be covered in the softest blankets. So for a Newborn lifestyle photoshoot you dress your baby in their favorite outfit. A comfortable baby is a happy baby!

Feeding/Changing breaks are welcome!

This may come as a surprise! Photographers usually tell you to Feed and Change the baby 20 minutes prior to the photo session. However with a lifestyle photoshoot, you get to capture your most cherished moments! There is nothing more beautiful than a baby getting fed! You can see them relaxing and their little hands holding their Mom/Dads shirt. Their eyes slowly closing and they drifting slowly to sleep! These will be the moments that you would want to cherish forever!


This is the biggest one! Babies are the safest in their parents arms or in their cribs. And that is where they should stay! Both you and your baby will fell their best when you are next to each other.

Newborn lifestyle photoshoot is the celebration of that special connection and the never ending love that you have for your child. These days are precious and they go by so fast. So get those pictures while you little one is still a newborn, because they do grow up so fast!

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