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Baby's First Ball Drop | Celebrating New Years with a Baby

10 Creative Ways to Ring in the New Year with Your Little One (without the noise and crowds!)

Newborn Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Newborn Photo Session

Everything looks different on the new year’s eve now that you have a little human in your arms!

Well, who said you can’t celebrate New Year’s eve with a baby in the house? It will be a little different kind of celebration and dare I say that, you might even enjoy it more than your regular New Years Eve party!

Ever since little kids came into our lives, we have been doing kid-friendly New Years Eve parties. Let me tell you about our favorite things to do on New Year's eve.

Party in!

At our house… we love to party-in!

I know it seems like a lot of work to host a party at your house when you have so many other baby responsibilities. But let me tell you the biggest perk of partying-in…

The baby gets to sleep in their own bed at their regular bedtime and you, my friend, get to party until midnight without having to worry about your baby or their sleep.

I will take a well rested baby any day over the hassle of organizing a New Year’s eve party.

Order-in special treats to celebrate New Years with the Baby

Oh the joy of living in a world of Doordash and Uber Eats!!

I have the Doordash app front and center on my homescreen.

Order-in from your favorite restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal without the trouble of driving or finding a parking spot on New Year's eve!

Newborn Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Newborn Photo Session

Get dressed up

This is the most important one! 

Dress up changes the mood of the entire party. Whether you have friends over or it's just your little family, don on festive attire and get ready to party!

And while you are all dressed up and cute, don’t forget to take a selfie or do a mini Family Photo Session.

Involve baby in age appropriate activities

I know the little one isn’t into parties much. But fun little baby activities never hurt anyone!

Our favorite baby activities were playing with a balloon and confetti.

Sure it becomes a little messy but how cute are those pictures of babies covered in confetti!

And if all the mess gives you creeps, there are a lot of non-messy baby activities you can do to celebrate New Years Eve with your baby.

Newborn Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Newborn Photo Session

Start a new Family tradition

This is the sweetest way to celebrate your New Years Eve, start a new Family Tradition! I am a big believer of Family Traditions, this is what creates nostalgia towards a holiday and brings kids back home year after year and decade after decade.

Our favorite Family Tradition is to have a Karaoke night on New Year’s eve. We have embraced baby songs, toddler songs, have had years of just Disney themed Karaoke and thankfully our older one is big enough to enjoy Taylor Swift so we are “Shaking it off!!!”.

Kids always look forward to our Karaoke night and start creating their playlist days before New Year’s Ave!

Newborn Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Newborn Photo Session

Capture the precious moments

This life that we are living right now and the beautiful memories that we are creating worth remembering forever!

So get your camera/phone or ipad out and click away these precious moments.

Get the tripod out or just take a selfie. 

You would love looking back at these images for years to come!

Reminisce the past year 

This is another one of our favorite dinner time activities.

Everyone is already on the table, there are no distractions, this is the best time to have heartfelt family conversations.

I know your little one can hardly understand all that you will talk about, but as I said before, of all the things in this world, they love your voice the most!

So reminisce this past year, a lot has changed in your life. Recount your blessings and express gratitude towards this miracle sitting in your arms. 

I know it wasn’t an easy road here, but you made it!

Celebrate that!

Write a wishlist for 2024

We always create a wishlist for the New Year. This is my favorite way to set goals for myself and for the kids.

We all create our own list and share with each other.

We make a plan of how we will reach our goals and hold each other accountable.

It is so fun to see at the end of the year the goals we were able to accomplish and the new ones that got added to our list and the ones that did not get done.

Plan a delicious breakfast for New Years

What is the best part of partying-in on New Year’s Eve? A scrumptious breakfast on New Year’s Day!

While the rest of the world is still hungover and groggy, you are bright and chirpy! 

And there is no waitlist at your favorite Breakfast place!

Head out to a fun Brunch or Order-in and enjoy a delicious breakfast with your favorite people in the whole world!

Newborn Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Newborn Photo Session

Embrace the simplicity

I know it might still feel like your life is so simple and missing all the oomph you had up until last year. But let me tell you this, this simple life of yours is Beautiful!

You are tired but also surrounded by so much love and warmth.

Embrace this season of your life.

You will be able to party again, until then, smile, you beautiful Mumma! 

A very Happy New Year to you!!

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