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Fall Newborn Photoshoots: The Best Time of Year to Capture Your Baby's First Photos

The Ultimate Guide to Fall Newborn Photography

Fall Newborn Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Fall Newborn Photoshoot

Fall is here and so is your beautiful newborn! How precious this little baby looks all snug and cuddly in your arms!

You can not have enough of this sweet baby and that newborn smell. Gosh that newborn smell! Hands down that's one that I miss most about my babies. Sadly not everything can be preserved forever. But you know what you can preserve? This love that you feel for this little human that has filled a hole in your heart you didn't know existed!

These newborn moments are fleeting and you want to remember this forever!

So let's get you a Newborn Photoshoot booked! What's even more perfect, its beautiful outside and your little munchkin will look so precious among all those fall leaves, isn’t it?

Here’s everything you need to know about getting a Newborn Photoshoot in Fall.

Why outdoor Fall Newborn Photoshoots?

I know we have all seen those studio newborn sessions and have been made to believe that's the way to photograph our babies. Allow me to introduce to you, Outdoor Newborn Sessions.

These sessions take place outside, during sunset, in the most spectacular location.

You spend a beautiful evening outside loving on to your new baby, just living this newborn life of snuggles and kisses while your photographer captures these sweet moments of your new family.

It's a perfect opportunity to step outside of your daily routine(which can start to feel monotonous) and get a breadth of fresh air. And you will realize all that sunlight is so good for both you and the baby! Just being able to watch the sunset with this precious little thing in your arms is a treat in itself but to top it with the most beautiful images that you will come back with. Can you ask for anything more?

Book your Fall Newborn Photo session in Advance

It has been said enough times but let me repeat it again. Fall is the busiest time of the year for photographers. Fall has that magic in the air! So if you know you will be looking to get a Newborn photoshoot in Fall, book way in advance.

You don’t want to scramble through dates amidst your sleepless nights.

The last thing you want is another item added to your ever growing to-do list!

And the best part about booking a Newborn Photoshoot before the baby is here, is you get to dream about all the beauty of this Outdoor Newborn Session and plan your dream session exactly how you want it.

Discuss your expectations

You have dreamt about the perfect photo session with your precious little newborn. I know I had pinned and saved images I wanted to take of my new baby.

So if you have a vision, a certain pose in mind, talk to your photographer.

Let them know what you are looking for in the Newborn Photoshoot.

Do you really want a black & white portrait with your baby?

Do you want to include your pet in the Newborn Photoshoot?

Do you want pictures while feeding the baby?

Do you want detailed shots of the baby?

Whatever is on your wishlist, let your photographer know. It is so much better to have clear expectations from the beginning than feeling anxious and disappointed later.

Fall colors and Outfits

With everything drenched in the hues of reds, oranges and yellows, take your cue from nature and go for the earthy colors that go with the Fall Backdrop.

Fall colors are my absolute favorite colors to photograph in October and November.

Everything is bright and vibrant and so should be you!

Having said that, white and off white colors photograph pretty well too! Especially because it helps you stand out against the vibrant backdrop.

Pick a color palette of no more than 3 colors and create outfit choices for the entire family. Here are a few pointers that hold true in any season:

  • Don’t match! Coordinate. The days of wearing matching clothes are a thing of the past!

  • Skip the logos and bold graphics

  • Do not let Pinterest guide your decision. Choose what you love to wear and go from there.

  • Choose comfort. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable baby wrapped in tulle. Babies are beautiful exactly as they are and they do not need frills and tulle stuffed around them.

Choose the perfect location

Fall is all about the location, isn’t it?

You want a beautiful landscape lined with vibrant trees and a vast field of openness to get the real feel of Fall.

And if you have been in the Bay Area for long enough you know very well such a place doesn't exist!

First we don’t get very many Fall colors in the trees, thank you evergreens!

And the very few colors that we do get are later in the year and those locations are usually swamped by people everywhere.

But, lucky you! I have handpicked some select best locations where you can enjoy Fall colors without being swamped by people everywhere. I do not promise you vast open fields but I do promise lots of colors and the best of best that the Bay Area has to offer! Here is a link to my favorite locations in the Bay Area to find Fall Colors.

Fall Newborn Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Fall Newborn Photoshoot

Day of photoshoot

This is the most important part of your Fall Newborn Photoshoot! The day of the photo session. Now I know you have dreamed about this session since forever and you want everything to be perfect. But stressing about it is only going to make the process more stressful! And believe it or not, your baby can sense your anxiety and is always ready to join in too!

So please don’t worry about anything!

You have done all you had to do. Now breathe and let it go.

You are in good hands and your baby is in good hands(yours)

So just love on to this little human in your arms.

Cuddle her, soothe her, sway her gently side to side.

Feed her if she is hungry and change her if she is wet.

Just be with your baby and your family and your photographer will take care of the rest.

Print your pictures

If there’s just one thing that you will take away from this blog, let it be this! Print those pictures!

Decorate your home with the symbols of love and let your kids see how much you love them. Let them feel warmth on a rainy day and allow yourself to feel that warmth after a difficult day.

Life belongs in Print.

Don't let it collect dust on some cloud storage.

To help my families print pictures and create meaningful heirlooms I offer print credits in every single one of my packages.

This allows you to create heirlooms that you cherish the most.

Go ahead and Book yourself a Newborn Photo session that you will cherish for the rest of your life!


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I believe the most important legacy that we give our children is happy memories.



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