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Have you ever waited for July 4th Fireworks that never happened?

An anxious toddler, a sad tween and a sorry Mother on the perfect night of July 4th

Night Photography

We sat on a blanket on this perfect night of July 4th, surrounded by a cool breeze and ~200 other people on this little hill in Almaden Meadows Park.

Although it was way past bedtime for kids, the thrill and anticipation of fireworks kept them up and energetic.


Kiara knew exactly what to expect so she was happy to just sit there in the dark and play with her friends, whatever silly games they could come up with.

Kiki on the other hand was bubbling with excitement. He had been asking about Fireworks for a week now. He had read about it at school and was so eager to watch the spectacular display.


He asked me 563rd time, 

when is firework coming

Soon” I said.


So we waited and waited.


There were no signs of fireworks.

We could see some sparkles in the distance but nothing like what we were expecting.

Everyone else too, were growing audibly impatient.

Have you seen fireworks from this hill before?” asked a mom sitting right in front of us.

Nope,” I said.

They too, clearly, had the same suspicions like us.


Maybe these tiny little sparkles are all that we are going to see this year” I was now worried for the kids.

Vicky, the voice of never ending optimism, said, 

“There are 200 other people here, surely, they know what they are waiting for” 


You know how crazy the Bay Area parking and traffic situation is. And to add, the Fireworks happen late at night. If we did go to the actual place of Fireworks, we would not reach home before 11 and that would create a whole different kind of Fireworks at home, with overtired and overstimulated kids.


So me being the routine police, announced, this year we will watch Fireworks from a distance and not be a part of the Bay Area traffic craziness. I had found this park Almaden Meadows Park with a little hill that overlooked the South San Jose area.

Per map, it should be in the line of sight of the Fireworks at Almaden Lake Park.

I asked around and one of my neighbors did confirm my findings. 

A few years ago, she had seen fireworks from this exact hill.


I was excited! This hill is 9 minutes from our home, it's secluded enough that not many people know about it and we can watch fireworks and be back before 10 to begin the night time battles.


And as usual, Vicky had no trust in my plans!


So we made a plan B, of course!

We will first check out Almaden Meadows Park, if there is no one there, we will drive to Almaden Lake Park and join the fellow frantic parents of overtired and overstimulated kids.


I shared this plan with my other friends and 15 of us went on this trek to find the second best place to watch fireworks.


I was so delighted to see other parents pushing  wagons up the hill at Almaden Meadows park. 

Of course, I was right!


Heena: 1 Vicky: 0


But sitting there, way past the 9:15pm mark, I was starting to get worried and question my “Sherlock Home-ing” this second best place to watch fireworks.

Not only did I drag my own family up this hill, but 10 other, unassuming friends and their kids to watch this little display of sparkle on the horizon.


Heena: 1 Vicky: 10


Right when we were about to lose hope  , there began, the most spectacular display of light and tars(stars, as Kiki calls them).

The Sky sparkled with the hues of red, gold and green. 

The kids and the adults alike, squealed with joy. 

The noise of “Wow” filling the otherwise quiet night.

With a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes, Kiki hugged me tight and said 

I love you Mumma!


There is something about the beauty and the magic of sparkling night that fills your heart with so much joy and appreciation.


But, just for record.

Heena: infinity Vicky: 10


And the Almaden Meadows Park is not the second best, but the best place to view fireworks if you have little kids and appreciate a low key event.

It's all in the perspective  , isn’t it!


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