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Holiday Gift guide for Babies

Gifts That Parents Will Appreciate and Make Baby's First Holiday Memorable

Newborn Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Newborn Photo Session

A baby’s first Holiday season is so special! All their aunts and uncles and grandparents and godparents want to shower them so much love and presents.

After all this little one deserves all the love and warmth this holiday season, isn’t it?

If you are buying Holiday presents for your niece, nephew or grandchild, chances are you are scratching your head thinking about the most perfect present you can get.

Well, guess what, I have always struggled buying presents for my nephew too! Hence this guide for Holiday gifts for babies, so you don’t have to struggle as well.

Newborn Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Newborn Photo Session

Ask parents for suggestions for Holiday Gifts for Babies

Well, duh! Put the parents to work and just ask for their suggestions. Chances are they have a wishlist for their baby and they will be so glad you asked!

When my babies were celebrating their first holidays, me and my husband had grand plans and wish lists that we were so happy to share with our friends and family.

Is there anything better than receiving the gift you have been waiting for a long time?

Get them winter gears

This is one of the smartest gifts to give to a newborn.

Those little mittens and hats are so dang cute and will be great stocking stuffers.

My favorite are newborn jackets or warm suits. They are soft and cute and so cuddly.

Your gift will, quite literally, keep the baby warm and cozy this winter season. And they will use it almost every single day!

Can there be a more useful and meaningful gift?

Keep newborns comfortable this Holiday season, gift them Holiday PJs

I know all those frills and lace and tulle look so adorable but let me tell you a fun fact.

Those frills and lace and tulle are the most uncomfortable and scratchy outfits for a newborn.

No baby ever likes to wear any of that cute stuff.

How do I know it? Well, I have been guilty of buying those cute outfits. Forcing my newborn into them only to get them out within a few minutes.

What’s best? I tried at least a few times before giving up! So I know!!

Ditch the scratchy stuff and get the baby some soft comfortable Holiday PJs. They will thank you in all the coos and the slobber kisses.

Give something personal

Personal is always the best! Isn’t it?

This one Christmas my sister got us personalized glass ornaments for our gift… and those are my most favorite ornaments till date.

They were simple but they captured us so well!

Every year when we put up the Christmas Tree and go through our ornaments, I am reminded of her thoughtful gift.

That’s the beauty of a personalized gift… it keeps giving!

Whether it is a name-embroidered blanket or a keepsake ornament, get something that will go in the Baby’s Time box.

Start their library

It is never too early to start a library for the little one.

Offer the parents to get and assemble a bookshelf for the little one.

Want to add extra magic?

Hand paint it to match the nursery.

Or leave a meaningful message.

Not quite confident in your craftsmanship?

Just get books for their nursery.

Write a note for the baby and make it timeless!

What a beautiful gift reading is!

Gift a subscription

There are so many fun baby subscriptions out there…

From monthly gift boxes to your local Little Gym Classes.

The possibilities are endless!

And the best part about Subscription, the gift giving doesn’t end on the Holiday… but goes on for various months.

Ask the parents for their favorite baby subscriptions… chances are, they are already eyeing something.

Newborn Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Newborn Photo Session

Family Photoshoot

Well, call me biased but this is my favorite one from the list! Ask any mom, the one thing they really want every Holiday Season is to get one decent picture of their beautiful growing Family.

And if you know babies(read Husbands), you know how hard it is to get that one picture.

This is where professional help comes in!

Gift the baby a Family Photoshoot and help them see how loved they were.

The baby deserves to remember these precious memories.

For me, the best gifts for babies are the ones that not only bring a smile on their face but also creates opportunities for bonding and capturing precious memories.

Think simple and think timeless.


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