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Holiday Gift Ideas for Expecting Moms

Thoughtful Gifts for Expecting Moms That They'll Love

Maternity Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography

It’s the season of Gift giving. You have a close friend or family member who is pregnant. And you have no idea what to get them!

Well, let me tell you a little story.

Picture this.

I am 2 months pregnant.



Wiped out.

I am hungry but can’t eat and nor do I have the energy to think about what I want to eat.

The doorbell rings.

Usually I never get up from my throne(aka couch, coz no energy) but this time I do!

And to my surprise, there is a food delivery from my favorite place!

Till this date, that was one of my favorite pregnancy surprises.

Although it was my husband, who knew fully well that I would be hungry and tired at the same time and would only yell when asked what I wanted to eat. So he just sent the food along.

But this is just to tell you how a pregnant brain works and having done this twice, I am sharing my favorite gifts that brought a smile to my face. Here are some ideas for gifts for expecting moms.

Maternity gift box

A personalized Bump Box

Nothing is more special than a personal bump box filled with things that you like. Isn’t it?

This is especially great if you two share a special bond.

Fill it with things you know she will love and need.

Like belly butter. Or Prego Pop(my favorite candy to keep nausea in control)

Her favorite cookies or chocolates.


Make it as elaborate or as simple as you would like.

A thoughtfully curated Bump Box can bring a smile to anyone’s face. No matter the pregnancy hormones they are dealing with!

Meal Subscription

Meal Subscription

If you learned anything from my story above…. It's this….

You need nourishing food during pregnancy.

But, you have no energy to buy or even think about what food to cook.

A meal subscription is a life saver in such conditions!

Healthy, nutritious, fresh groceries at your doorstep… With recipes and spices and sauces included for a quick, balanced meal… This is what pregnancy dreams are made of!

Satisfy her cravings and provide nourishment… Can you give a better gift?

Maternity Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography

Gift Card to Maternity or Baby Stores

Browsing the aisles of Baby and Maternity stores was my favorite pastime during pregnancy.

Every time I was feeling low, a quick trip to the baby aisle would fill me with enough energy and hope to last me the entire week!

A gift card to spend some precious time in Maternity or Baby store is sure to bring joy to any expecting mommy.

Do you want to make it extra special? Offer your company on this trip to pregnancy wonderland. She would appreciate a fun company on this trip and you will create memories that will far outlast the gift card!

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage

Oh the aches and pains of pregnancy!

If there is one thing an expectant mom cannot have enough is Prenatal Massage.

All the muscles come loose in pregnancy and leave the expecting mom with aching back or feet or calves. Book her a prenatal massage or spa and give her the gift of self care and some much needed me time.

As always, your company will be greatly appreciated too!

Wish to spend some meaningful time with your bestie while you both get pampered? Book a dual massage/spa and enjoy the day off!

Postpartum Doula Gift Card

“I would not need help after delivery”…. Said no mom ever!

Whether it is to take care of the baby or to take care of the new mom…. Doulas can provide so much help and assistance in those first few difficult weeks.

No matter the kind of delivery, every new mom could benefit from an extra helping hand during the first few days of the baby’s life.

Talk to your friend, maybe she has already figured out the Doula she wants to use during the delivery. Offer to pitch in.

Or find a doula for her. She will be so grateful!


Your favorite Book on pregnancy/childcare

Babies don’t come with a manual.

Yes. We know that.

But thanks to so much research in this department, there is a book or a class for every newborn need. And those books and classes come in handy when the new parents are trying to figure out how to be parents of this beautiful little human they brought home.

Give them your favorite books on Pregnancy or Childcare.

My favorite ones:

Maternity Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography

Date night

Do you know what the new parents will long for once the baby is here?

That’s right.

A date night!

And it will be so much harder and will require so much more planning to go for a Date Night.

Gift them a Date Night now, when it's still just the two of them.

A movie night and a dinner date will be so perfect to celebrate this beautiful miracle of life they are witnessing right now!

Maternity Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography

Maternity or Newborn Photo session

Is there anything more sweeter and meaningful than to capture these beautiful memories so they can relive it year after year?

Whether you give them a Maternity or a Newborn Photo session, it will be a gift that will allow them to create cherished memories and heirlooms they will pass down to generations.

You will have such an important part to play in creating these memories for them!

Talk about a gift that never stops giving?

No matter what gift you choose, I am sure the thought and all your efforts will be truly appreciated.

Happy Gift Giving!

In case you are Looking for Gifts for expectant parents, check out my blog here.


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