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How to celebrate Mother’s Day stress free with Family?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

7 Ideas for a stress free Mother's Day celebration

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I used to dream about this perfect Mother’s day that my husband would plan with my daughter in complete secrecy and surprise me with the most meaningful Mother’s day gift and a brunch at my favorite pancake place.

Well, the thing about day dreaming is, you know very well, it's not the reality!

Unless you are married to the most thoughtful event planner, chances are, your husband, just like mine, is totally clueless on how to plan for Mother's day. Let alone the most perfect, thoughtful and joyous Mother’s day. So after sulking for the first few years, I took the matter in my own hands and now I spell it out, very clearly, how I want to celebrate Mother’s Day. Bully much? I mean, sure but not really. This helps my husband plan something that he knows I will like and I know I will not be disappointed at the end of the most anticipated day of the year.

Here’s my idea of a stress-free Mother’s day celebration:

  • Leave Mother’s day brunch for some other day

  • Wine tasting with picnic

  • BBQ in the backyard with smores

  • Family pizza and movie night

  • A trip to her favorite nursery

  • Hiking followed by picnic

  • Professional Photoshoot

Leave Mother’s day brunch for some other day

The dreamy brunch that I talked about? Yeah, turns out, a lot of moms have the exact same dream! Unless you are totally cool about waiting 20 minutes for your table and another 20 to place your order and another 20 to eat something, I would say leave that brunch for some other day!

You can do it the week prior or a week late, the food will be just as delicious and the place… not even half as crowded!

Wine tasting with picnic

So while the Mother’s Day brunch is out the window, the one thing I have realized that actually works for Mother’s day is a Wine tasting followed by a picnic!

I was surprised to figure this out too! Now I am sure other moms will catch up to this idea soon, but until then, pack a fun picnic basket and head to your favorite winery and spend an afternoon in the sun. A little sun and wine can do wonders to your mood!

BBQ in the backyard with smores

This is another one of my favorite activities. Mother’s day is right at the beginning of summer and the idea of BBQ is just delicious!

If you are as tired as I am of being cooped inside the entire winter, you will love an evening out in the backyard munching on some of your favorite foods. Looking for cherry on top? Add smores for the kids and it's a fun day for everyone!

Family pizza and movie night

The most low key and highly rewarding activity is family pizza and movie night! Have your husband partner with kids to whip out a fun pizza night.. Top it up with your favorite family movie. The cozyness of the entire family on the couch with the delicious smell of pizza is something to look forward to! Isn’t it?

A trip to her favorite nursery

Although I do not have a green thumb and am known to kill the most resilient of the plants, I still love a good indoor plant or outdoor flower bulbs!

And a visit to Home Depot walking through their veggie and herb garden is my absolute favorite thing to do. If this is something you enjoy, make this a day in the garden! Get your favorite plants and herbs and spend the day gardening with your little ones. A definite hit for all ages!

Hiking followed by picnic

I think by now we have established that I am a sucker for the outdoors and the sun so obviously the next favorite option is a sun soaked hike followed by a cute little picnic! It's still not crazy hot but warm enough to spend the entire day outside hiking some amazing trails that the Bay Area has to offer!

Professional Photoshoot

This is one of my favorites! Every year I ask my kids to get a portrait with me for my Mother’s day gift. This is one thing I look forward to each year. Those portraits adorn my walls and my phone and computer wall paper for the entire year.

It's such a bittersweet reminder of how quickly they grow up!

I hope that's a good list for you to celebrate a stress free Mother’s Day with the little love of your life!


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