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How to celebrate Mother’s day with a Newborn

6 Ideas to celebrate a stress free Mother's Day with your newborn.

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Celebrating Mother's Day with your Newborn

The firsts are always so special and especially when it's your first Mother’s Day! Mother’s day for a new mom means the world! But it also means that you might be still recovering from the birth and all the sleepless nights and your baby is just way too small to plan a fun Mother’s day for you.

So here are some fun ways you can celebrate your First Ever Mother’s day with this little bundle of joy!

  • Make your first Mother’s day special!

  • Pamper yourself

  • Order your favorite meal

  • Visit a local park or hit the trails

  • Start a sweet little tradition with your baby

  • Go for a Mom & Me photoshoot

Make your first Mother’s day special!

It's your first Mother’s Day, and if you are like me, you have dreamt about this day since you got pregnant. A magical day full of love and laughter, where you get breakfast in bed with the most meaningful gifts and spend the entire day just enjoying this wonderful honor of being the mother of the most beautiful child! Do you know what spoils a beautiful Mother’s Day celebration? Mismatched expectations. Chances are your partner does not even know that they have to plan this day for you. And the worst part, they do not even know what to get you, because it's their very first Mother’s Day with you too!

So plan the day with your partner, tell them what you expect of them and just order that gift for yourself, you deserve it! Make it special, fill it with love and laughter and whatever else you dreamt of, just don’t wait for it to happen.

Pamper yourself

It's so easy for us to pamper our family and friends and everyone around us. But when it comes to pampering ourselves, we do not know where to begin!

Let this be the day when you will put your needs first!

Have an aching back? Go for a massage!

Need a haircut? Get yourself an appointment at your favorite salon.

Go to a Spa!

Get your nails done!

Do whatever makes you feel like yourself again.

Order your favorite meal

I know you have been watching calories trying to shred the baby weight. Do a cheat meal and indulge in your favorite meal without feeling guilty!

We eat healthy during pregnancy and can’t eat a lot of our favorites.. Hello California rolls! So for one day, just go for it! Order in food, play your favorite movie and enjoy!

Visit a local park or hit the trails

The first year with your newborn feels like such a blur! Between naps and bedtimes and feeding schedules it feels like you are always stuck at home. Change that today!

Let the schedules rest for a day and take that baby for a stroll. Both you and baby need all the sunshine and fresh air. You both will sleep better tonight!

Start a sweet little tradition with your baby

This is my favorite! Every Mother’s day we order-in breakfast and spend some extra time snuggling in the bed with littles! I don’t have to worry about getting breakfast ready or the mess the little ones will make if they take over breakfast duties for the day. Noah’s bagels prepare our fresh breakfast and deliver it warm to our doorstep and we just brew our coffee and indulge in our delicious breakfast.

Start a little Mother’s day tradition, it will be so cute to recreate it year after year!

Go for a Mom & Me photoshoot

Can’t stress the importance of a Mom and Me photoshoot! We are the ones behind the camera, capturing all the milestones and sweet little in-between moments and are conveniently missing from all those pictures.

Every Mother’s day I ask for just one gift from my kids, a Mom and Me portrait of us. Those pictures adorn my wall and fill my heart with so much joy!

Also it's such a bittersweet reminder of how quickly they grow year after year.

I hope you will enjoy your very first Mother’s Day and will remember it for the rest of your life!

Here’s to Moms everywhere, you make this world a better place!


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