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How to prepare for a Family Photo session

5 tips for a wonderful Family Photo Experience

You scroll through your social media and see beautiful pictures of families, of kids laughing and playing, parents looking lovingly at their kids and everyone having such a wonderful time! Those images are priceless and you want such pictures of your family too. The pictures that show the love and connection of your family! But how do you go about finding the right photographer, outfits and create this family heirloom for yourself?

Below we will talk about the 5 things you can do to prepare for a memorable Family Photoshoot.

Be clear about your expectations

Before you start looking for a family photographer, know what is it that you actually want? Do you want more candid and emotive photography or do you want studio style posed portraiture. Is everyone looking and smiling at the camera important to you? or do you want pictures that showcase the beautiful bond of your family? Once you know your vision then choose the family photographer whose end-product matches your vision.

Be very clear about your expectations.

- Do you want to include your pets in the picture?

- Do you want to include the lovey that little Jonny clutches to sleep everyday?

- Do you want to recreat