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Newborn photoshoot in San Jose| Almaden Meadows Park

Los Gatos Photographer | Newborn Photographer

When Beth reached out to me for a newborn photoshoot, there was a rain forecast. Although it never really pours in California, but being out and about with a 7 week old baby is whole different story!

However, it turned out to be the most beautiful day! We did have rain in the morning but the skies cleared up for their session. We did get a few drizzles here and there but all in all it was the most beautiful Newborn session. Ax is such a sweet baby. He was just so happy and content in his parents arms. Between his feeding and burping and soothing, we captured such precious memories!

Newborn photoshoots are some of the most beautiful and scared moments I get to spend with a family. So I make sure I bottle up all the love and connection of their family into this heirloom that they will cherish for life!

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Hi! I am Heena. Your very own Family Photographer!

You are a mom and a memory keeper of your precious little family. My hope is with this Memory Keeper's Handbook you will be able to preserve the beautiful and fleeting moments of everyday life.

I believe every family has a story to tell and pass on to generations. After all the most important legacy that we give our children is happy memories.

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