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5 Tips to prepare for your Newborn Lifestyle photo session

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Your beautiful baby is home and you booked your in-home Newborn Lifestyle photo session, now what? How do you prepare yourself, your baby, older siblings and your house for this session? All these questions can be very overwhelming, especially when you are tired and sleep deprived.

So first and foremost relax! Lifestyle Photo sessions are centered around the safety and comfort of the baby. Baby decides the pace of the session and they decide when they need a feeding or changing break. Your precious baby is so perfect and you will have pictures from this session that you will cherish forever!

Follow our top five tips to make sure you and your baby have a great session that documents this special time in your lives.

Choose your Color Palette

First and foremost, decide your family's wardrobe.

Color can make or break a picture! So let this be your starting place.

  • Think in terms of tones: blue tones, earth tones, neutrals, pastels, etc.

  • Because Newborn session takes place at home, coordinate your colors with your home decor. Is your house light and airy or dark and moody?

  • Earthy tones always do so much better than very bright reflective colors.

  • Pick 2 to 3 colors that will make the outfit of the entire family.

  • You can mix patterns and solids.

  • Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color.

Comfort over Style

No newborn loves to be covered in lace and frills. They like to be warm and cozy and to be covered in the softest blankets. So for a Newborn lifestyle photoshoot you dress your baby in their favorite outfit. A comfortable baby is more likely to cooperate.

Prep your Home

This might look like a big ask, but a quick clutter clear can make a huge difference in a picture.

  • Pick one room with a window, be it your living room, bedroom or nursery and clear that place of all the clutter. Even if you stack everything in one corner your photographer will make it work!

  • Make sure the window you choose gets good light during the time of photo session.

  • Don't forget to change those sheets and choose neutral and soft colors.

Keep your routine on the Day of Photoshoot

Little babies have a routine of their own. They like to be fed and changed as and when they please. Do not try to overfeed them before the session in the hopes of keeping them calm and engaged during the entirety of the photoshoot. Its unfair to expect that out of a newborn! A Newborn lifestyle photographer will work around your baby's schedule. You wouldn't want to miss out on your picture of feeding or rocking your beautiful baby to sleep!

Keep Calm

Our babies feed on our emotions! If you will be calm your baby will be calm, if you will be anxious your baby will be anxious. So trust your photographer and do your thing and let your photographer capture the most beautiful and authentic connection. 10, 20 years from now when this baby is all grown up, these pictures of them snuggled up in your arms will give you so much joy! So soak it all in and Breathe!


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