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What to wear for Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot?

Outdoor Newborn Mini photoshoot in San Jose

You booked the very photoshoot for your Newborn! You are so excited! I am so excited for you. This is such a special time to capture the beautiful bond you share with your baby.

Outdoor Newborn Photo Session Bay Area
Newborn Photo Session Bay Area

So now that you are going to spend a gorgeous evening with your little one and create memories that will last a lifetime, let's talk about your outfits for the Outdoor Newborn Mini Photoshoot!

Outdoor Newborn Mini is a styled photoshoot with Bohemian decor, red and white flowers and off-white decorations. To make sure your outfit works with the given backdrop and light, follow the tips below:

Color palette

Color can make or break an image, hence this is where we will start. As I mentioned earlier, the Outdoor Newborn photoshoot will take place during sunset and will have bohemian, off-white decor with red and white flowers.

So here’s what we know, there will be a bunch of reds and pinks, coupled with vibrant sunset light and some greens from the grass around us. So in one simple line, the color palette that you should be looking at is pastels or whites and off whites.

Think in terms of light pinks, yellows, sky blues, muted teals, whites and off whites.

If pastels are not your thing and you absolutely need a pop of color, Red and Teal is for you!

Pick 1-3 colors and design everyone’s outfits within those colors.

Here are some sample colors that would work well.

What to wear, Bay Area Family Photographer, Beautiful Stories Photography

What to wear, Bay Area Family Photographer, Beautiful Stories Photography

What to wear, Bay Area Family Photographer, Beautiful Stories Photography

Outfit for the Baby

Choose comfort over style and dress your Newborn in the colors you have chosen and the softest and warmest outfit. There is nothing more timeless than an off-white onesie for a baby.

A happy comfortable baby will look so beautiful in the photographs.

And when you have the outfit figured out, plan for at least 2 changes of clothes. Babies spit up ALL THE TIME!

Get layers

I know given all the crazy Summer weather in the Bay Area, you are worried about your baby being too cold outdoors. Dress her in layers. Add a light sweater over her full sleeve onesie or include her blanket! The sweater or blanket adds amazing texture to photographs and how cute the babies look all bundled up!

Even better if Grandma made the blanket or if it was passed down in the family, it will be a beautiful keepsake!

Outfit for the Family


Usually I am not the one to fuss about fabric much, however there are certain fabrics that photograph better than others.

  • Flowy dresses for Mom look gorgeous, especially when there is movement involved.

  • Lace, flowy cotton, linen and even wool add beautiful textures to the photograph.

  • “The third piece” in your outfit adds more depth. It can be a sweater, a scarf or a hat.

Skip the logos

This is a big one and hence deserves a place of its own!

Nothing distracts away from a photograph than a big logo or text on an outfit.

Now I know little kid’s clothing can have a lot of texts or graphics on it but find the ones without one. My goto stores are Zara, Gap, H&M, Target, Anthropologie or JoyFolie . You can always find timeless clothing in these stores.

Use your style

This is the most important one! Let your style govern what you choose to wear for the photoshoot.

  • Do not let Pintrest guide your decision. Choose what you and your kiddies love to wear and go from there.

  • My work is based on playful behavior and movement so, know there might be running and jumping and twirling involved.

  • Especially for kids, choose comfort over style. Happy kids in simple clothes are so much cuter than grumpy kids in stylish clothes.

  • Another important thing to consider is everyones hair. There will be wind and air and your hair won’t stay put. So let your hair down and let them move!

That's it! You are all set for your Outdoor Newborn Mini Photoshoot. Come for an evening full of love and so much warmth!


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