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What to wear for your Fall Family Photoshoot

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Fall Family Photo sessions | Bay Area Family Photographer

Fall Family Photography by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Family Photoshoot

What to wear for your Family Photoshoot?

Such a daunting question, right? When you google “What to wear for a photoshoot” you will see a million search results all talking about what and what-not to wear for a photoshoot. I am going to save you some time and anxiety and list down the most important things to think about when you plan for an outfit for your Family Photoshoot.

Fall Family Photography by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Family Photographer

Choose your Color Palette

Its fall! There are gorgeous colors everywhere! Let that be your guide. Color can make or break a picture! So let this be your starting place.

  • Think in terms of tones: blue tones, earth tones, neutrals, pastels, etc.

  • Think about your surroundings, will there be a lot of greens? Is it fall? Will there be lot of browns or goldens or reds?

  • Earthy tones always do so much better than very bright reflective colors.

  • Refrain from anything Neon or Hot pink, those colors cast color shadows on skin which are impossible to correct.

  • Pick 2 to 3 colors that will make the outfit of the entire family.

Fall Family Photography by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Family Photographer

Don’t match! Coordinate

The days of wearing matching clothes are a thing of past!

  • Plan the whole family’s outfit around the color palette you have chosen.

  • You can mix patterns and solids.

  • Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color.

  • Add sweaters, scarfs, jackets. These extra pieces always provide nice texture to the images.

  • And while you are working on your outfits, don’t forget the shoes!

Fall Family Photography by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Family Photographer

Skip the logos

This is a big one and hence deserves a place of its own!

Nothing distracts away from a photograph than a big logo or text on an outfit.

Now I know little kid’s clothing can have a lot of texts or graphics on it but find the ones without one. My goto stores are Zara, Gap, H&M and Target. You can always find timeless clothing in these stores.

Fall Family Photography by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Family Photographer

Use your style

This is the most important one! Let your style govern what you choose to wear on on the photoshoot.

  • Do not let Pintrest guide your decision. Choose what you love to wear and go from there.

  • My work is based on playful behavior and movement so know there might be running and jumping and twirling involved.

  • Especially for kids, choose comfort over style. Happy kids in simple clothes are so much cuter than grumpy kids in stylish clothes.

  • Another important thing to consider is everyones hair. There will be wind and air and your hair won’t stay put. So let your hair down and let them move!

Thats it! You are all set for your Fall Family Photoshoot. Go out there and have some fun!


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