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5 Fun Activities to do with a Baby in Winters

San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Photographer | Beautiful Stories Photography

Newborn Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Newborn Photoshoot

You are so madly in love with this tiny human snuggled in your arms. You are also deeply overwhelmed and lonely at the same time. Having a baby can make you insanely busy, render you sleepless and leave you craving for some structure and adult conversations. It's especially hard in the winters, because the cold and wet weather doesn’t leave very many options for us. A casual stroll in the park can cost you 15 minutes of prep time. Don’t fret, there’s still a lot of fun activities you can do with your baby in winters.

I am listing down things that helped me when I had my babies, hoping this will help you too and add some fun in your mundane.