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8 Tips for Celebrating Holidays with your Newborn

San Francisco Bay Area Newborn Photographer | Beautiful Stories Photography

Holidays are here and so is the new love of your life! You have dreamed about this baby your entire adult life and this Holiday season you get to snuggle your baby close and breathe the nostalgic new baby smell.

There are festive vibes everywhere and your social media is filled with cute little babies celebrating their first Holidays. Here are some tips to bring cheer to your Holidays with your beautiful baby:

Newborn Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Newborn Photoshoot in Bay Area

Keep their schedule and naps in place

First things first, schedules and routine helps babies feel safe and secure, try to maintain their schedule even during holidays. That being said, I know with Holiday Travels it is sometimes hard to maintain the same routine, but try to keep it as close to the home routine as possible. A well fed and rested baby is far more cheerful than a tired one.

Relive the magic with your child

Suddenly every little thing is magical! From decorations in your house to the inflatables in the yard, to the little fudge shop downtown. Everything brings joy to your little baby. Never before have they seen so many twinkling lights or heard the melodious jingling of the bells. As your baby squeals with joy, lean in and experience it yourself too. After all, it's “living life through your child’s eyes” season at its peak!