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8 Tips for Celebrating Holidays with your Newborn

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Celebrate holiday's stress free with your newborn

Holidays are here and so is the new love of your life! You have dreamed about this baby your entire adult life and this Holiday season you get to snuggle your baby close and breathe the nostalgic new baby smell.

There are festive vibes everywhere and your social media is filled with cute little babies celebrating their first Holidays. Here are some tips to bring cheer to your Holidays with your beautiful baby:

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Keep their schedule and naps in place

First things first, schedules and routine helps babies feel safe and secure, try to maintain their schedule even during holidays. That being said, I know with Holiday Travels it is sometimes hard to maintain the same routine, but try to keep it as close to the home routine as possible. A well fed and rested baby is far more cheerful than a tired one.

Relive the magic with your child

Suddenly every little thing is magical! From decorations in your house to the inflatables in the yard, to the little fudge shop downtown. Everything brings joy to your little baby. Never before have they seen so many twinkling lights or heard the melodious jingling of the bells. As your baby squeals with joy, lean in and experience it yourself too. After all, it's “living life through your child’s eyes” season at its peak!

Go for a Holiday Light show/Walk

In the evenings when it's dark, go for a walk around the neighborhood or downtown and look at all the beautiful lights. A lot of places also do light shows which are so fun to watch. Another favorite is Holiday Parades! The perfectly choreographed moves and symphonies bring so much joy.

Make reading time magical

Your baby loves listening to your voice when you read to them. Make it a little more magical and read by the Christmas Tree. You can let the baby see a Christmas Tree in the book and then touch the one outside and watch their excitement. How fun to have things living outside of books!

Dance on the Holiday tunes

Who doesn’t love to sway with the Holiday Tunes? Your baby is no different! Put on some music and dance along with your baby. It will be such a boost in mood for both you and the little one!

Get matching PJs or Outfits

Is it just me or are Holiday PJs the cutest? Get a matching one for your family and lounge around in cute PJs. Dress down this holiday season?Yes please!

Don’t stress and keep it low

Whatever you do this Holiday Season, just remember, your baby only cares about you and of course the milk. Everything else is just extra. So don’t let somebody’s “perfect” Social media feed take you on a guilt trip. You do you! Holidays will come back and so will all the traditions. You will make up for whatever you missed next year. So keep it low and keep yourself happy! Happy Mom equals Happy Baby.

Preserve the moment

Preserve these moments you are spending with your baby. Take lots of videos, snap lots of pictures. Make sure you are in them too! Get a professional photoshoot done. They are only this little once!


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