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Celebrating Valentine's Day with Newborn

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

5 fun ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your newborn

Newborn Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Newborn Photoshoot

It's Valentine's Day and you have a new baby at home. You can’t help but remember how much fun Valentine’s Day used to be when it was just the two of you! Well, don’t fret. Even though you have a little on dictating every hour of your day, you can still add some festivities to your life.

Here’s how you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day when you have a new baby at home:

Valentine day clothing

Is it just me or do they have the cutest Valentine’s outfit for the babies these days! Get your whole family matching Valentines day outfits and get all mushy! The reds and whites and pinks look so beautiful when the entire family is decked up. Don’t forget to send grandma a selfie!

Get your baby a card

I know she can’t read yet, but write a meaningful message for her. Tell him your hopes and dreams for him. Tell her how much you love her and how she makes you feel every single day! This will be such a sweet keepsake for the baby and the one he will cherish all his life.

Start a tradition

Traditions are the sweetest things that bind a family together and give kids something to look back to with nostalgia and longing in their hearts. Do you like to bake? Bake something together and let this be the sweet thing you do with your boy. Do you like to craft? Make an age appropriate craft with her every year. The key though, is to keep it simple. The more elaborate a tradition is, the harder it is to keep up.

Have a baby party

Any other friends have babies the same age? Call them over and let your babies mingle while you bond over coffee and brownies. It is always so nice to meet someone who is in the same trenches as you are, so you know you are not alone! And the adult conversation is a blessing in itself. You will be so glad you met other parents.

Valentines theme photoshoot or a Newborn Photoshoot

Now that you have matching Valentine’s Day outfits, why not get a Valentine’s Day themed photoshoot? If you haven’t had your Newborn Photoshoot yet, this is the perfect opportunity to capture those beautiful Newborn moments. They grow up so fast!!

Getting a Newborn Photoshoot is the perfect to preserve all the goodness of this Newborn Stage which is so beautiful and so fleeting! They grow with a lightening fast pace!

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