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Did you ever desperately wish for time machine?

I have... on multiple occasions!

Family Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography

Have you had those moments in life where you wish you could go back just a few seconds to do things differently which would save you from so much trouble?

Yeah, this was one of those!

Right after Kiara left for school I got Kiaan out of bed and we went to the kitchen to get his milk. That is when he spotted the half-eaten pumpkin bread his sister so graciously left on the kitchen island.

Him: “I want pumpkin bread”

Me: Scrabbling to get the half eaten pumpkin bread out of the sister’s plate and placing it on a clean plate knowing fully well my attempts will be met with rejection. All the while regretting not throwing it away before getting him to the kitchen!

Him: “Not thiff(this) one, I want my ooown”

Me: “This is your own, baby”

Him: Big tears rolling down his face, “Eee no mine, I want my own”

“I want didi(his sister)”

Almost sobbing now “No send didi to school”

“I want my own”

Now if it was in the evening, when I had my husband or daughter at home or some time on my hand, I would have handled it differently.

But this was in the morning, daughter was off to school and husband was blissfully driving in the Bay Area traffic probably listening to his favorite podcast and I was here, stuck with a hungry hysterical toddler, in wet hair, my unmade coffee staring at me and me running out of time!

So I did what we all must do from time to time… I gave in to my determined toddler’s demands. I agreed to a quick trip to starbucks to get him his “own” pumpkin bread! And a Venti Cafe Latte for me! Ain't got no energy without my steaming cup of Java!

, aren’t half-eaten pumpkin breads or half-done, unfinished projects the root of most haphazard, unplanned trips to Starbucks(coz one cup of coffee can solve most of our problems!!) or to home depot(hello! Unfinished projects of dear husband!!)

This is why when I was designing my packages, I made them inclusive! I offer print credits and give you options to create your photo-album, fine art prints, or print those beautiful pictures, so that you don’t have another item added to your to-do list!

Also what good are those beautiful pictures sitting in the cloud, life belongs in prints, isn’t it?


Hi! I am Heena.
Your very own Family Photographer!

I am a mom and to two little munchkins and just like you I am a memory keeper of mprecious little family.


This is why I created this Memory Keeper's Handbook. My hope is with this Memory Keeper's Handbook you will be able to preserve the beautiful and fleeting moments of everyday life.

I believe the most important legacy that we give our children is happy memories.



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Sunset Family Sessions in Bay Area

Family photography by Bay Area Family Photographer

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