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How I met my Husband!

The un-edited version.

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Of all the stories that made my life, “how i met my husband” is the craziest one and most definitely my favorite!

Once upon a time(18 years ago) in a land far far away(really far away, 1500 miles, in Mumbai India) I met the love of my life.

I was a sophomore in college and had traveled to IIT Mumbai for a project and unbeknownst to me, Vicky, a junior, was traveling to IIT Mumbai too for the techfest.

After spending an entire day looking at various projects and attending seminars we were pretty bored and fried so me and one of my friends decided to head to the beach. Now this was before we had access to a smartphone or google maps so we were at the mercy of strangers for direction. If you have been to Mumbai, you know that it is the craziest city in India, big, bustling and fast. But you can still count on people to push you(quite literally) in the right direction!

To say we were overwhelmed is an understatement! We stood at a bus stop outside IIT Mumbai, trying to figure out which Bus to board(the numbers and the destination are all written in Marathi, the local language, which we could not read or understand or speak). It wasn’t going to be an easy task! But then, we overheard a group of friends, roughly our age, also discussing the route options to the beach.

Like, can it get any more surreal?

So anyways, we decided to chime in and ask them for directions. It looked like they had it figured out better than us! Being the friendly bunch that they were, they asked us to join them as we were headed in the same direction.

Now, I am not going to lie, as much as we wanted to venture out to the beach, we were unsure if we actually wanted to join them. But then the bus stopped. We were still trying to make up our mind when this guy came running and asked to board the bus… and so we did!

There began an hour and half long journey to a lifetime!

Vicky told me stories after stories, made me laugh and most of all made me feel special! I have been listening to his stories ever since! If you know Vicky, you know he loves to talk, so much that he is known to miss exits because he was so engrossed in a conversation!

And although I am an introvert, I love a deep, meaningful discussion. To confess, most of those discussions turn into arguments if he is not agreeing with me(duh…)

That was my craziest story. I swear, outside of this, I am a pretty usual person and do not befriend strangers on bus stops!


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