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How to book your Fall Photoshoots in Bay Area?

San Francisco Bay Area Photographer

Fall Family Photoshoot in Bay Area
Fall Family Photoshoot

Fall Family Photos in San Francisco Bay Area

Tis the season for Family Photoshoots! Fall is the most popular time for Family Photoshoots. The temperatures have cooled down, everything around is colorful and the golden light at the sunset makes everything more vibrant.

This also means this is one of the most busiest season for the Photographers. So reach out to your photographer in Summer to secure yourself a spot on your preferred date and time.

Fall Family Photoshoot in Bay Area
Fall Family Photoshoot

Best locations for Fall Photoshoots in Bay Area

California does not get very vibrant fall colors. However, there are a few parks where the trees change colors and look beautiful in Fall.

My favorite place to photograph Fall Colors in Bay Area are:

  • Vasona Park, Los Gatos

  • Guadalupe Oak Groove Park, San Jose

  • Almaden Lake Park, San Jose

  • Heritage Orchard, Saratoga

The above locations do get beautiful colors in Fall and serve as an amazing backdrop for your Fall Photoshoots

Fall Family Photoshoot in Bay Area
Fall Family Photoshoot

Fall Family Photoshoot in Bay Area
Fall Family Photoshoot

What to wear for your Fall Family Photoshoot

I do have a complete blog post detailing what to wear for your Fall Photoshoot. However, I want to reiterate here the colors that work very well with Fall Background. Earthy hues of Red, Orange, Beige, Off White Lace and Greens.

Earthy colors makes you look a part of this amazing show nature has put for us.

Fall Family Photoshoot in Bay Area
Fall Family Photoshoot

How to enjoy your Fall Family Photoshoot?

You and your family is all dressed up. It's beautiful outside. You look beautiful. Now let's just go with the flow, spend some meaningful time with your family. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Play tickle fest, twirl and dance and just soak all the love in!

Beautiful pictures happen when you let go!

Fall Family Photoshoot in Bay Area
Fall Family Photoshoot

Book your Fall Family Photoshoot

When you are ready, head on to my Booking page to book yourself a slot!

Got questions? Please do Get in touch!


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