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How to prepare for Spring Maternity Photoshoot

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

5 steps to a fun spring Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Maternity Photoshoot

Spring brings hope and joy and makes everything around us beautiful. How poetic is it, that's exactly what your journey to parenthood looks like, Hopeful, Joyful and so Beautiful! And how fortunate that you get to share this blessing with Mother earth. Spring Maternity Photoshoots are my most favorite session of all. Expectanting moms look so beautiful wrapped in all the beauty that is spring.

As amazing as a Spring Maternity Photo Session can be, preparing for the photo session can feel intimidating. Let me help take the anxiety out of the preparation and list down all that you need to do for a fun and relaxing photo session.

Book in Advance

Spring lasts only a few weeks! Which means your favorite photographer just has 2-3 spots available for a Spring Photoshoot. The only way to ensure a Spring Maternity Photoshoot is to book way in Advance. Spring begins in California as early as February, so start looking for your photographer as early as January.

Know your landscape

Spring has varied landscapes, from lush green pastures, to vibrant wildflowers, to deep yellow mustard and then everybody’s favorite cherry blossoms! To prepare for your photoshoot it is important to know what your background will be like. What colors will you be dealing with? Are you visiting flower fields? Will there be any time restrictions? Will the ground be uneven or muddy? Because for spring pictures you will end up going right in the thick of all the flowers and vegetation, it is important to know what to expect. That information will guide your decision about outfits, your shoes, the time of the photoshoot and may be the use of bug repellent 🙂

The beautiful spring photographs don’t come easy!

Spring Outfits

The best part about planning a photoshoot are the outfits! Isn’t it?

Now that you know your landscape and the dominant color of your background, you can pick a color palette that will work well with the backdrop. I discuss Spring Outfit Planning in detail in this blog

  • To summarize here:

  • Start with a color palette

  • Choose 3 colors that will make outfits for the entire family.

  • Don’t match, coordinate

  • Skip the logos!

  • Use your style

The day of photoshoot

You have done all the preparations and you are ready. Just stay hydrated and try to relax, you are in good hands! Arrive at your locations at least 10 minutes in advance so there is no rush and you can get to know your photographer a little better.

This is your day! Just concentrating on having a good time, authentic smiles and connections makes everything a little more beautiful. Think about all the dreams and hopes you have for this little bundle of joy and soak up all the warmth.

Dinner Date after

You did it! You planned and prepped and had an amazing photoshoot. Now sit back, sip some ginger tea and let the pampering continue! Go for a dinner date and talk all about your love for each other and your upcoming bundle of joy. You deserve an evening just for the two of you, before the third wheel gets in 🙂

Maternity Photoshoots are a celebration of you and your beautiful growing family. You deserve to remember this amazing ride you are on to meet the little love of your life. As your Family Photographer I strive to provide you with the most customized and premium Maternity Photo Experience. Come talk to me if you have any questions!


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