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Ultimate guide to Spring Maternity Photo session

Planning a Maternity Shoot this Spring that Blooms with Joy

Spring Maternity Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Spring Maternity Photoshoot

I missed getting a spring portrait during my pregnancies.

Both of them!

I was still nauseated and dead tired when the beautiful blooms showed up everywhere.

As much as I wanted to get out and soak the beauty, nausea kept me home locked for days at stretch.

By the time I reached my second trimester and started to feel a little bit like myself again, all those beautiful blooms were long gone!

I eventually did get pictures to remind me of this beautiful time in my life, but missing my spring maternity portrait will always be my regret.

So, mamma, if you are finally feeling like yourself again and you have been noticing the warm sunshine, know that spring is right around the corner.

So put on your thinking cap or flowering crown(because, spring!) and let's plan a gorgeous Spring Maternity Photo Session for you.

First things first for your Spring Maternity Photo Session: 

Find a photographer whose work speaks to you

Before you become all starry eyed and start dreaming about the most spectacular Maternity Photo Session, let's find a photographer first!

Your Maternity photographer will help you create beautiful memories that you will pass down to generations, so take your time at this step.

Whether you start with Google or Instagram, there are a few things you should keep in mind when finding your Maternity Photographer in the Bay Area or any other place for that matter!

  • Know what you are actually looking for. Do you prefer sunrise sessions or sunset? Are you looking for candid, love soaked images or do you prefer more polished studio shots? Knowing what you want, indoors vs outdoors, Sunrise vs Sunset, lake vs mountains will help you narrow down your search to the photographer who actually provides what you are looking for.

  • Photographs that speak to you: Chances are there are a bunch of maternity photographers in your area that provide what you are looking for. Now comes the next step. Look at their websites or their instagram profiles. Are there any photographers whose work appeals to you more than others? Every photographer has a distinct voice and style. So go for someone whose work attracts you and keeps you scrolling.

  • Go local: Do you want to take pictures in San Francisco, find a local photographer in San Francisco. They will know the place better, they will know how light changes throughout the day and what places will work the best at a given day or season.

  • Don’t fall for deals and sales: That's a big one! Oftentimes you will see social media ads of budding photographers giving away sessions for very minimum fees. However, if you wind up with a photographer that you absolutely don't love, the whole exercise seems like a waste of time and money. Professional photographers invest in quality gear and personal training. Like most things in life, you get what you paid for. 

Spring Maternity Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Spring Maternity Photoshoot

Discuss your expectations

Are older siblings, partners or grandparents joining the Maternity Photoshoots? 

Do you wish to bring your pet at the Maternity Session?

Is there a particular image from your previous pregnancy that you absolutely wish to recreate?

Do you want to include your sonogram images to your photo sessions?

Whatever might be your ideas or your expectations from this Maternity Photoshoot, let your photographer know.

Plan your dream session together.

Discuss the outfits, locations, props, poses… whatever you think you will need in your session. This is the key to enjoying a very best experience at your Maternity Photoshoots.

Location Location

Spring is all about location!

Chances are, your photographer has already scouted the most popular spring locations and a select few exclusive ones just for you!

But if you have a location in mind that you absolutely love, please discuss with your photographer. 

Spring can have a very varied landscape from flower fields to wild flowers to cherry blossoms, discuss what you want and find the location that works for you.

Find that dress

Now that the photographer and location is in place, now comes the next important piece, your dress!

Some photographers offer client closets and you can choose your dress from their collection or you can get your own beautiful dress and coordinate with your family.

I wrote a complete guide on How to dress for a Spring Photoshoot. Here’s a summary for you:

  • Choose your color palette first. Think in terms of pastels or earthy or neutrals. You can never go wrong with a lace off white dress!

  • Coordinate the entire family’s outfits from the color palette you pick. The days of matching clothes are long gone.

  • No logos or big texts please.

  • Use your style. Don’t let Pintrest guide your decision, choose what you love to wear and go from there.

Spring Maternity Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Spring Maternity Photoshoot

Accessorize with love

A simple flower crown or your grandmother's lace shawl, choose an accessory that is meaningful to you.

This third piece of your outfit will not only elevate your photograph, it will elevate the sentiments too.

Look into your closet for family heirlooms and bring them along!

Let go of all the poses, think candid and emotive

The very first thing every mamma-to-be tells me at the photoshoot is that they don’t know how to pose! Guess what? Neither do I!!

Now before you freak out and run towards the next available photographer, let me tell you why I don’t pose. 

Posing makes everyone uncomfortable!

It puts so many expectations on the mom-to-be and makes her so much more conscious of the camera pointing to her face.

Rather, we have a nice little walk, we talk about your hopes and expectations, we play silly games and sometimes sing and dance. We create pictures and memories that are beautiful and meaningful.

Relax and have fun

Now that you know that you are in good hands, relax and have fun.

This session is a celebration of you and all the love that surrounds the little miracle growing inside of you.

Spend an evening full of fun love and laughter and create memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

Don’t forget to print these beautiful heirlooms

“Life belongs in prints”

I live and die by this quote. And this is exactly why I provide print credits so you can print your pictures or create family heirlooms that you will pass down to your next generations.

Don’t let your memories fade in digital!

And if this feels like a lot of information to process, don't worry at all! Reach out and I will help you plan the most memorable Maternity Photo Experience in the Bay Area for you!


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