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First Trimester Frost: Embracing the Unexpected Journey of Pregnancy in the Cold

What to expect when you are expecting in winter.

Maternity Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Maternity Photo Session in Bay Area

Congratulations and welcome to this beautiful journey of Motherhood!

What an exciting but also terrifying time. 

You are filled with so much hope and love but are also scared and overwhelmed and tired all the time.

And if you are dealing with nausea too! I hear you!

I too have struggled nausea for both of my pregnancy and it sucks!

But the good news is, it does get better.

While this article is in no way a medical advice, please listen and talk to your doctor for all of your concerns. I am here to tell you how to navigate your First trimester in the cold months.

Maternity Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Maternity Photo Session in Bay Area

Stay Cozy

Let’s start with the obvious. Stay warm this winter season. January can bring in freezing temperatures and depending on where you live, you might be dealing with snow or freezing rain.

Pregnancy can sometimes make you more sensitive towards changing temperatures.

So listen to your body and layer up.

Make sure you feel comfortable when you step outside. A little scarf can go a long way!

Maternity Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Maternity Photo Session in Bay Area

Stay Active & Safe during your First Trimester

I know staying active can feel like the last thought on your mind when you are dealing with nausea.

But a little walk around the block can ease the nausea a lot!

And the best part, all the fresh air can leave you feeling bright and fresh.

Be mindful of the slippery or icy ground when you are out there. 

The snow or ice on the ground is definitely a falling hazard. So get proper shoes and be mindful.

And if the freezing temperatures have forced you inside, you can find a lot of prenatal yoga and exercises on Youtube.

There are also a lot of Yoga studios and gyms that offer prenatal classes.

And it is such a fun way to meet new mom-to-be’s and share your experiences with them.

Focus on nutrition

Focus on nutrition 

Do you also think it is much harder to eat better in winter?

The leftover cookies from the Holiday party does not make it any easier either!

There are no farmers markets either that will entice you into buying healthy produce.

But this is what helped me in my first trimester…. Meal planning.

The last thing you can expect from your tired body and mind is to make a healthy decision when the hunger pang hits.

A pre-made, ready-to-heat meal in the refrigerator is all you need to feed your body a healthy, balanced diet.

And please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Ask your family to help you with the meal plan and prep so you have delicious food at your disposal.

Manage those Emotions

I was a hot mess during both my pregnancies.

The body goes through so many physical and mental changes, it feels like an emotional roller coaster on a good day.

Don’t get me talking about what it feels like on a hard day!

So talk to your partner, a friend or a family member. Share your hard and beautiful emotions. Talking about it will definitely make your emotions and worries manageable.

Please know, no matter how beautiful, it is a difficult time in your life, please seek all the help you need.

Get your zzzzs

Pregnancy can be tiring. Especially the first trimester.

And all the cold weather outside makes it even more tiring.

So cozy up your house and get all the sleep and nap your body desires. Aim for at least 7-9 hours of sleep.

Your body is doing a lot of hard work right now. Bringing a whole new life into this world is no easy feat. So get the rest your body deserves.

Maternity Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Maternity Photo Session in Bay Area


Now I definitely do not want to talk about only the hard stuff.

There is so much to celebrate!

You have waited for this miracle for a long time and now it's in you! 

There is a tiny little heart beating inside of you.

It’s no short of a miracle of what our bodies can do.

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Sunset Family Sessions in Bay Area

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