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When my Daughter taught Me the right way to Travel.

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Be a travel marshal!

little boy on grass by Beautiful Stories Photography

I convinced(borderline threatened) my husband to go to Palm Springs for Spring Break instead of Tahoe because we were not going to spend another day being cold and wet, especially not on vacation!

Well, we also did not plan for what happened next! We landed in a dry parched Palm Springs to 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now I know, I have been cribbing about the cold for far too long but to take me seriously and throw me into an oven for a vacation is taking it to a whole new level.

Now add to the mix the toddler who has forgotten what heat feels like on his skin and is refusing to part with his favorite red fleece jacket, an hour long line to get our rented car(seriously, can someone do something to fix this process) and a husband who's idea was to spend this week in Tahoe sking and snowboarding.

The one saving grace to this chaos was my little sunshine of a daughter Kiara.

Kiara has always been the travel marshal of this family. She is packed, according to her checklist, well in advance. Her favorite shows downloaded, her iPad charged to a 100% and an extra pair of clothes in her handbag(she believes in backups!)

She is a trooper in any weather and will bundle up or strip down to shorts without even a little fuss.

As soon as we reached our resort she excitedly led Kiki to the lobby and showed him around like she already knew the place, pointing towards all the things she thought Kiki would find interesting. She let out some excited shrieks when she spotted the lazy river, her excitement rubbing off on all of us. Without wasting anymore minutes, she rushed to the room to get in her swimsuit.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cooling off with our Strawberry Slushies drifting away in the lazy river.

I am a big believer of all's well that starts well! And thanks to Kiara our Spring break was off to a good start!

It was still very hot in Palm Springs the entire time we were there. We braced the heat, ate countless rainbow dots, sipped lemonade (spiked lemonade for the adults 😉), got to try some very famous handmade ice cream, visited the zoo, went on hikes, played in waterfalls and even visited Joshua tree National park. But most of all, loved spending lazy afternoons with my hype girl, by the pool when the little one and daddy napped!

When life throws lemons or very very hot temperatures at you, I hope you will find (or be) your hype girl! Life seems more fun when you have rainbow glasses on, especially in 101 degrees.

And I promise to be your hype girl at the photoshoot when your kids(read husband) are starting to get cranky 😀


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