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Moms, Get in the frame

When my daughter was born like almost every new mother I was overwhelmed with a lot of mixed emotions. I did not recognize the person I saw in the mirror and all the extra pounds I had added during the pregnancy did not magically disappear instead were now more visible. So obviously I shied away from the camera and did not take many pictures with my sweet baby. Now when I look back at her baby pictures, I see my daughter and my husband and I am always missing or hiding behind them. How I wish now that I wasn't so self conscious and made it to the pictures with my daughter.

So when my son was born, I had gained some wisdom and knew better than to say out of the pictures. And one of my favorite pictures with my baby is the one where I am still in the hospital with the most unflattering hospital gown, my unwashed hair, tubes coming out of my hand and my new born baby in my arms and this little baby is looking right at me!