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Family Photoshoot with baby in San Jose

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Baby photoshoot at Guadalupe Oak Groove Park

Bay Area Newborn Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Baby Photoshoot

San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

I am showcasing one of my favorite baby photoshoots here and will try to answer some common questions parents have when they book a baby photoshoot. It's such a special time in the new parents and baby's life. Documenting this journey into parenthood and creating family heirlooms is my passion.

Bay Area Newborn Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Baby Photoshoot

I met Stuti, Francis, Taj and Grand Parents at Guadalupe Oak Groove Park on a Sunday evening in San Jose. Taj was around 6 months old for this photo session and was all smiles and raspberries from the moment we met.

I love when grandparents join in for the photoshoots. There's just so much more love!

We started with everybody in the frame together. The light was just beautiful that day and park was all green and golden. I then broke them up into smaller groups, getting various combinations.

Bay Area Newborn Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Baby Photoshoot

Bay Area Newborn Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Baby Photoshoot

Taj was at the stage where he was learning to sit. So I had to get some of his sitting pictures. He was so delighted to be sitting by himself and looking at all the tall grass around him.

Bay Area Newborn Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Baby Photoshoot

I always make it point to get the parents in the frame together. Because that is where it all started! Stuti and Francis looked so cute together.

I came back from their session all smiles!

Bay Area Newborn Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Baby Photoshoot

We missed the newborn stage, can we still get the baby photoshoot?

A lot of parents worry about having missed taking their newborn's pictures. Although I completely understand, the newborn cuddles are oh so special and something that you never want to forget. But little babies are all so cute no matter their age. And they put on such a show at every milestone, that you can never regret having their pictures taken a few months after their birth.

What photographing a baby looks like?

There is something amazing about photographing younger babies. They are now old enough to understand who their parents are and the stranger anxiety hasn't set in yet. So they are all smiles and don't mind a stranger following them around. They are not yet moving around much so they are so much more likely to hold their poses than their older counterparts! They are happy to play silly games with their parents and are intrigued by their surroundings. You can never have a dull moment when photographing babies!

Do you pose babies during a photoshoot?

No, I do not pose babies. I let them sit, if they can, and interact with their parents or toys. I ask parents to play fun games with them and we sometimes sing "Baby shark" together. I do a lot of things to interact with the baby, to make them laugh or dance. And when the entire family is in it and having fun, I take a lot of emotive and candid images. But I do not pose them. A happy baby, safely tucked in his/her parent's arms is the most beautiful subject.

What if baby is cranky or hungry or tired during a photoshoot?

Baby Photo sessions are centered around safety and comfort of the baby. We take as many feeding or changing breaks as the baby needs. The little moments of you soothing your baby or feeding them are sacred. And these are the moments you would love to look back on when your little ones are too big to fit on your lap.

So when you are putting your little one to sleep in your arms, I will photograph that peaceful look on both your and your baby's face. Because I know how much you will cherish this moment a few years down the line.

Should I feed the baby before photoshoot?

As mentioned above, we take as many feeding or changing breaks as your baby needs. So if your baby is hungry before the session, please feed them. If they will be hungry during the session, we will take a feeding break. There are so many things on your mind, I don't want you to fret about feeding or over feeding your baby for the photo session.

What to wear for baby photoshoot?

I have an entire article written on this very question. Just one thing I want to reiterate here, please dress your baby in comfortable clothes. I know we have seen a lot of images of babies dressed as flowers or cows or harry potter but let me tell you this, a comfortable baby is much more happier than a baby in an uncomfortable costume. Please leave the bells and whistles and uncomfortable props at home. Your baby will be so thankful!

When to book baby photoshoot?

​Ideally you will book your baby photoshoot while you are still pregnant so you can make sure you get your favorite photographer and the preferred date. If you missed that window, I would say book as soon as you can!

For more questions, please contact me!


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