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The I love you's din't last long!

That's why you need chocolate chip scones1

Family Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography
Kiki in India

Kiki sat in the middle of the kitchen counter, licking raw batter off the mixing bowl, slurring like a drunk man, proclaiming his love for me and chocolate chip muffin batter, eyes wide open and hands folded into “thumbs up”!

It was clear that he had just found his love for the cake batter.

But what happened next was totally unexpected!

I mean, I should have known, being his mom and all but how much can I predict? I am no psychic!

As soon as I poured the batter into the baking tray and placed it in the oven… a little volcano erupted in my kitchen!

Kiki could not fathom the fact that, why on earth would I take away the one and only thing he loved and shoved it into the oven!

The eyes were now wide with furry as tears streamed down his face, the thumbs up had morphed into clinched fits that were now pounding on the counter and the “I love yous” changed to all the bad words he has ever known in his entire life!

I suddenly became poopy and mean and cho(so) bad in a matter of a few seconds!

It all started with my idea of "celebrating" my husband’s 10-day-long business trip with a bake fest with my friend. I was so jealous of all the “high tea” pictures he was sharing with me, I told him I will hold my own “high tea” party which will be a tad-bit better than his. Women, I tell you! What is the need of all this competition? Especially when you have an array of unruly, cake-rules-not-abiding toddlers in the tow!

Well, I will keep that in mind for my next episode of “I can pull a high tea at home”, but for now, the damage was done.

Anyways, because my high tea was going to be better than my husband’s, we swapped the tea with Mimosas! I know, right? And we began surfing through the recipes we wanted to bake. Sense prevailed in my friend and she said, we should stick to something basic for the first batch. To which I quickly added, the second batch has to be chocolate chip scones. I love the enthusiasm.. Isn’t it?

Like some cool moms in a Victorian sitcom, we started our bake fest with mimosas in our hands, kids running around playing lava monster, we laughing and mixing and making mess.. Because.. Why not? Kiki noticed the mommy-party and wanted to join, now he is also laughing and mixing and making even more mess! I am starting to get a little nervous about all the flour flying around, but cool moms don’t worry about the messes, right?

This was as fun as I had imagined.

And then it wasn’t!

Well, Kiki was hysterical for his batter for a few minutes and it took all of us in the room to calm him down. We tried so hard to explain to him that the batter will turn into muffins in just a few minutes and he will be able to eat it again. Thankfully the muffins were done in 15 minutes and we were able to give him one to eat right after.

Those 15 minutes felt like an hour though! But you know what we did after he calmed down?

We baked those second batch of chocolate chip scones!

Tantrums and tears and fits are a part of a toddler's life and chocolate chip scones are the remedy for it all! The scones were not perfect but they were delicious and so worth all the mess and tears and laughter in the kitchen.

By the end of our bake fest, we were left with 2 chocolate chip muffins(because the kids inhaled the entire batch) and 40 scones… we went a little overboard!

I know what I will be eating for breakfast for the next several days.

So while it sometimes feels like we are stuck with unruly toddlers and every plan seems to fail right when it starts, let's never forget to roll with it and bake our scones. Because what is life without all the drama and the fun little stories?

So if your toddler throws a tantrum whilst you are en-route to your family photoshoot, don't fret! Just let me know and I will pick some chocolate chip scones on the way!


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