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The time when I was stuck in a massage chair.

Never skipping the Terms & Conditions again!

Family Photoshoot in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Family Photoshoot in Bay Area

Here I was hanging upside down from a massage chair, in my office, with the mutual funds disclaimer playing in my head on a continuous loop

"mutual funds are subject to market risk. Terms and conditions apply!"

How do I manage to get myself in such situations is beyond me… I am the most non-adventurous person I know and yet, here I was, stuck in a real bind!

Well, it started like a regular morning. I woke up with a persistent back pain, the one you get when you gotta hold your toddler on your hip All Day Long! I will never understand the joy these little humans get hanging from their moms bodies, almost falling, yet never giving up!

The day before I had dragged my beautiful yet persistently annoying family to a hike.

God forbid, I will never do that again!

Kiara first whined that I was ruining her life by dragging her to the hike when she just wanted to stay home and watch TV. And then she whined because I was being mean and asking her to leave the park because it was her brother's nap time.

Kiaan was more willing to be out and about as long as I was carrying him to and from the hour long hike!

Dear husband was cranky coz the kids were cranky! Like seriously! Can I catch a break?

Sounds familiar, right?

Anyways you get the point, long winding hike, whining kids and cranky husband equals breaking back.

So when I reached the office, I decided to give the massage chair a go. Now these chairs are pretty standard, knead-massage-pressure-knead-some-more and all done. Nothing fancy or out of ordinary and I have used these a million times before(I have had a very clingy toddler for a long time now!)

Anyways, so I get there, dim the light and get all ready for a 20 minute snooze while this chair works wonders on my back.

When I sat down I noticed the remote’s screen is broken and I can’t really read anything or know where I am scrolling. How hard can this thing be? I just move randomly in all the directions and press ok.

All massages are the same after all. Isn’t it? Isn’t it?...

Well, not if you are sitting in a satan’s chair!

It started exerting some pressure around my ankles, holding my feet firmly and slowly reclining back down. I am thinking.. Hmmm that looks different!

Little did know it was just getting started.

I kid you not! In a matter of few seconds I was literally upside down with my massage chair, frantically searching for that broken remote to stop this curse of demonic back massage. Panic searching is not the most productive searching… who knew?!

Thankfully I was able to stop the chair and get back on my two feet before anybody else witnessed my horror show! I can tell you this, I am NOT going back to the massage area anytime soon. Not until I can erase this out of my memory.

, how many times have we overlooked the terms and conditions only to find ourselves hanging upside down, kicking for not reading the ToS carefully or not asking the questions we wanted to ask!

Since then I have read every fine print on my Tylenol and Ibuprofen bottles, my gym membership and revised the FAQs on my Website.

We feel so much better when we are informed and well aware of what to expect.

I promise I never bring any malfunctioning chairs to my photo sessions . But if you have any pressing questions, please ask!


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Sunset Family Sessions in Bay Area

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