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To walk in the rain or not?

Family Photoshoot by Beautiful Stories Photography

I woke up to the sound I have recently learned to dread… the sound of rain! Now don’t get me wrong, I am a romantic too, for the warm summer rain where the dry parched earth is so delighted to receive the first few drops of soul drenching water that everything smells like heaven! I am talking about California rains that were supposed to be done at least a few months ago! We are not paying the crazy California taxes for Seattle weather, are we? When I looked outside, my suspicions were confirmed, it was in fact the rain that was pounding on my roof. Although it was a Saturday morning, I had made plans with my friend to go for a nice, long, clear-your-head kind of morning walk. And this rain wasn’t making me happy! I mean we have braved the rain and walked through the drizzles before, but this looked more than drizzle, at least to my sleepy self! If you know me, you know walking is my jam, it's something that gets me out of my bed at 6am on a weekend morning. When the whole world is sleeping, me and my friend chatter around, walking to and fro through our neighborhood planning our day, sometimes the entire week. We exchange recipes, complain how our kids are never gonna eat the delicious recipe we just discussed and then complain about our kids in general, I mean isn’t it always fun to discuss notes with a fellow mom and realize how we are all in the same boat! We complain about our husbands(Vicky, if you are reading this, it's only the light stuff ;-) ) and the fact that they are enjoying their sleep right now while we(although willingly) are pacing around the neighborhood. I am not exaggerating when I say this, the morning walk is sometimes the highlight of my day. Even if I am going alone, I may listen to podcasts or I might sing songs(there is no one around to hear me sing :-)). It's my me-time and my own little way to meditate. So when I saw the rain, I got out of my bed to get ready for my walk. It’s just a little rain, I said. Brushing my teeth… it's just a little rain… oh yeah! Got my shoes and socks… it’s just a little rain… And then I did what any self motivating person is supposed to do, I got ready then slipped back into my bed for another hour and half of sweet morning slumber! I mean, I am a toddler mom and a tween mom, sleep is the most valuable resource right now. Yes I love me a good morning walk but I love me a sweet, uninterrupted, early morning sleep a tad bit more! It's the indulgence I allowed myself, especially because I knew I would be in a much better mood when I woke up to the delicious smell of coffee than to walk in the door in an hour cold and wet. Do you ever give in to indulgence? I sincerely hope you don’t feel guilty after indulging into whatever you deem luxury! We do so much for our family on a daily basis, we deserve a little bit of dark chocolate, a lot of sleep and the handbag you have been eyeing for some time now! Just go for it! I would love to hear the story of your indulgence, will you write back to me?


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Sunset Family Sessions in Bay Area

Family photography by Bay Area Family Photographer

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