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Traveling with Toddler

Airplane ride with my toddler and other toddlers in the plane!

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We were lined up to board our flight to Denver amidst a pool of toddlers.

There were tantrums everywhere!

From sticky cheese filled hands to flailing legs to little fingers poking siblings' eyes. Within the five minutes of standing in the line I had seen it all!

Although Kiki was surprisingly well behaved, thanks to all the food we were shoving down this throat(talk about avoiding emotional eating!!), I knew very well this behavior was short-lived.

The food will get over and he will be back to his clingy toddler self, annoying his sister and sticking his dirty hands into his mouth.

This was going to be a loooong flight!

Schools were closed for summer and we were so ready to get a break from the mundane home-office-home-driving-to-a-million-classes life and spend a few days tubing at the Boulder Creek.

But to get to our vacation destination, we first had to tread the waters of traveling with a toddler and a tween.

Now before Kiki, I would have totally avoided sitting next to the toddler aisle .. I mean for the obvious reasons… but this time I stood in solidarity!

All the annoying little toddlers have one thing in common, tired, beaten parents.

Whether at home or at the airport, the unreasonable dictator will have unmatched energy and the zeal to get his way, no matter how. So to avoid the judgment and save my fellow non-toddler accompanying passengers, I went and sat in the toddler kingdom.

it was far from quiet and the book I took with me to read, stayed tucked in my bag. There was constant chatter and demands and the toddlers, they all kept themselves busy by putting on a show of tantrums. They all took turns to be audiences in each other's play of look-how-i-enable-nervous-breakdown-in-my-parents.

There were spills and dirty diapers and constant kicks on the seats ahead. The parents nodded empathetically and proceeded with their general dialogue of

"No you can't poke your brother in the eye"

"Get your hand out of your mouth"

"Please stop kicking"

You know, the regular stuff!

After crying for 5 minutes straight to get out of the flying plane, Kiki fell asleep giving me a few minutes to write this newsletter.

I am sure I will miss this toddler age when he is all grown up(or maybe I won't, who would hate the luxury of reading a book on a 2 hour long flight) but for now, as I sit here nap trapped, unable to reach my book, I decide to close my eyes and catch on to some zzzzss.

I will need all my strength to navigate through the airport with a freshly napped, energetic toddler.

What do you do , when you find yourself nap-trapped? Do you take advantage of the situation and get some sleep or is it just me?


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