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Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Newborn Mini Photoshoot

Everything you need to know about Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot in San Jose

There is nothing more precious in this world than a newborn snuggled with her parents. And the Outdoor Newborn photoshoots are a celebration of this beautiful time in your and your baby's life. They way you look at this beautiful little human and the way they lay they curl up in your arms. The way they snuggle up close to you and lay their head on your chest.

As a mom, I understand how priceless these memories are to you. The years are short after all. They grow up so fast!

Outdoor Newborn Photography Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography
Newborn Photography Bay Area

Outdoor newborn photoshoot helps you preserve the tiny little details and the most precious memories of your newborn's life. Together we will create and capture moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

What is an Outdoor Newborn Session?

Picture a beautiful, dreamy and calm place, gentle wind blowing in your hair. A tender, intimate and uninterrupted moment with your baby, snuggling, kissing and taking it all in! Just being in the moment and appreciating this beautiful human you call your own.

Outdoor Newborn session gives you an opportunity to capture all the love you feel for your baby and preserve it forever!

At these sessions I work with your family in a relaxed and laid back setting. You snuggles close, shower your baby with so much love and make beautiful memories together.

A lot of time moms worry about their babies being cranky at the photoshoot. At the Outdoor Newborn sessions we follow baby's pace and take as many feeding and changing breaks as the baby needs. The Lifestyle Newborn Session allows you to live and preserve your current phase of life as is. In a few years you would love to have a picture of you swaying to calm your cranky baby.

When and Where will the Outdoor Newborn Sessions take place?

Outdoor Newborn session takes place in a park in Los Gatos or South San Jose during sunset, between 6:30-7:30pm.

I will have a bohemian theme setup ready for you when you arrive. The sunlight in the evening and the off-white decor will create some of the most magical photographs.

How long is the Outdoor Newborn photoshoot?

Outdoor Newborn sessions are designed to be 20 minutes mini sessions to preserve this beautiful phase of your life. Your family will come out for a relaxed evening, get in the setup for 20 minutes where we will capture some lovely and beautiful moments. You can then be on your way to spend the rest of the evening enjoying the park.

What happens at the Outdoor Newborn Photo Session?

Outdoor Newborn sessions are designed to be short, sweet and relaxed. You get to the park with your family and await your turn for the photo session.

At your session slot, I will start with photographing the baby in a Bohemian Themed setup and then we will proceed with the candid, emotive family pictures.

The flow of the session will be altered to cater to your baby. If we feel that baby would rather be held the entire time, then that's what we will do!

We will keep it fluid and relaxed the entire time. There will be snuggles and kisses and some really sweet moments.

I will photograph the love and connection between your family. Everyone looking into the camera and smiling is not my idea of a love soaked image.

Outdoor Newborn Photography Bay Area
Newborn Photography Bay Area

Are Outdoor Newborn sessions only for Babies?

The Outdoor Newborn Sessions are primarily designed for babies 0 to 3 months old. Of course I will photograph the baby with older sibling and parents but the primary focus of the photoshoot will be the baby.

Check out my Signature Family Photo session if you are looking for something for the entire family.

How much do the Outdoor Newborn Mini Photo sessions cost?

Outdoor Newborn mini photoshoots are an investment into the most valuable memories of your little one. These will be the pictures that you will cherish for the rest of your life. For $300 you will create a legacy of happy memories that you will pass down to generations.

What is included in my Outdoor Newborn Photo session?

Your Outdoor Newborn Mini Photo session includes:

A meaningful Photo shoot

Some cute props

7 Digital High Resolution Images

An option to upgrade your gallery!

When do I get my pictures?

I know how eager you are to get your pictures. And I am eager too, to get them to you quickly and awe you with some beautiful artwork.

However, post processing is where I make your pictures to go from WOW to OMG! So it will take about 3 weeks for me to get your amazing pictures!

How do I book a Outdoor Newborn Mini Photo session?

So glad you asked! Head on to the Outdoor Newborn Mini Session page to book yourself a slot!

Or shoot me an email if you have any questions.

What to wear for a Outdoor Newborn Mini Photoshoot?

Outdoor Newborn is a style photoshoot with off-white boho decor and red and pink flowers.

Colors of your outfits are everything in this photoshoot.

To make sure you rock this photoshoot, I created a guide to help you pick your color schemes and outfit. Check out What to wear for Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot

Outdoor Newborn Photography Bay Area
Newborn Photography Bay Area

How to prep for the Outdoor Newborn photoshoot?

Outdoor Newborn photoshoot is your opportunity to preserve this beautiful, yet tiring phase of your life. New parents have a lot going on in their lives, hence to make sure your family is ready for the photoshoot, it's imperative that we prep you all well before time! Getting a stellar photoshoot always begins from home:

  • Plan your outfits way in advance. And keep at least 2 backups for the baby. Spit ups happen more often than we want!

  • Keep the baby on his/her schedule. I don't want you to overfeed baby in the hopes of going through the session without a feeding break. Overfeeding leads to cranky and gassy baby. And feeding pictures are so tender, that will be a memory you would never want to forget.

  • Bring their loveys/pacis/rattlers

  • Leave early! Give yourself plenty of time to get to the photoshoot.

  • Once you are there, leave all the worries behind. Do not worry about outfits getting dirty and babies getting cranky. Shushing and swaying baby to calm down results in beautiful images!

  • Be in the moment and enjoy the company of your little human!

What happens after the photoshoot?

After the photoshoot, don’t forget to pick your goody bags I so lovingly packed for you! This evening was set up so you can enjoy the company of your little human, so head out for a walk before you head home. Make this an evening to remember!

And if you really enjoyed working with me, please leave a Google Review, there is no better gift!

What if I want more pictures from the photoshoot?

If you fall in love with your gallery, there is an option to upgrade.

This will include all the pictures from the photoshoot that I selected and edited per my artistic vision.

If a mini session left you wanting for more, you can book a Signature Family Photo Session where I photograph your entire family.


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