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Why creating an incredible experience is important and why you should do it too!

Family Photo Session in San Jose by Beautiful Stories Photography
Family Photo Session

As I drove back from the Mom and Me session, still feeling high from all the love and sweetness in the photoshoot, my mind started to drift to the next item on my to-do list.

A quick glance at my watch reminded me Kiara must be home from her soccer game, which also means she must be starving.

Kiki must have been up from his nap for more than an hour, he must be hangry too. It's almost dinner time and I did not plan anything.

All the excitement and joy suddenly gave way to panic. I have seen what hungry kids can do and I was not looking forward to it!

You see, when we had kids, me and Vicky divided our responsibilities. I took up cooking and he took cleaning. He does the nightly routine of milk and brush and PJs and I put kids to sleep. He takes care of homework, cars, garage, insurance, taxes and I take care of driving them around for classes and getting them ready for school.

Like a well oiled machine we each do our tasks well and keep the house going. Which also means that when we have to perform outside our expertise, things get stressful.

Vicky can cook to save his and the kid’s life, but that’s where his culinary skills end. I have never seen him adventuring in the kitchen, trying out recipes. Rather, he asks gazillion questions when he is making a simple meal. Sometimes I feel all those questions are just his ways to get me in the kitchen so I will take over his job! (cue eye roll 🙄)

Knowing fully well, he would have fed them with some junk snacks, the idea of a healthy wholesome dinner was out the window. I made a mental note of all the frozen stuff that was in the freezer that could be used as dinner and settled down for garlic bread with some veggies.

I hurried out of the car, carrying 572 bags, I pushed opened the door to my home and was greeted with the sweetest toddler voice “chapaaizze(surprise!)”

Kiki and Kiara were sitting at a well placed dinner table, complete with candles, silverware and napkins. They both had sandwiches on their plates with a side of lentil salad. Vicky was getting my plate ready and had placed a Lacroix next to my silverware. The sweet smell of french vanilla candle in the air and the smiling faces of my little kids next to a wholesome meal!

My heart was full.

I gave them all a hug and felt so much gratitude at that moment. Sure I have a noisy bunch who can never keep the house clean and we will go back to our original loud self in just a few minutes, but at this exact moment, I just could not ask for anything more than my imperfectly perfect little family!

We ate a delicious meal together(clearly Vicky asks all those questions just to get me in the kitchen) and enjoyed a fun evening together! oh, and we did go back to bickering within a few minutes. 🤣

This is exactly the kind of experience I want to create for your family at the photoshoot!

Sure you expect me to deliver beautiful images, but it's always the unexpected that delights us more, isn’t it?

It's the candles on the dining table, which has no actual contribution to the taste of the meal, that lifts up the mood and makes us feel special and seen and cared for!

I promise to always carry candles(metaphor obviously) at your photo session and create an experience that is uniquely YOU!

I want you to feel the love and connection of your beautiful family, I want your kids to have so much fun that they keep asking for more and create images that look and feel like art!


Hi! I am Heena.
Your very own Family Photographer!

I am a mom and to two little munchkins and just like you I am a memory keeper of mprecious little family.


This is why I created this Memory Keeper's Handbook. My hope is with this Memory Keeper's Handbook you will be able to preserve the beautiful and fleeting moments of everyday life.

I believe the most important legacy that we give our children is happy memories.



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