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Why is Spring the best time to get Family Photographs

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Everything you need to know about Spring Family Photoshoot

Spring Family Photographer by Beautiful Stories Photography
Spring Family Photography

Spring is here! The most beautiful time of the year. I think I might start favoring fall again by summer's end, but for now, Spring is my favorite! If you are anything like me, you enjoy winters until December 31st, come January you are on the lookout for Spring and the end of daylight saving, am I right?

So now that the days are getting warmer and longer and everything outside is getting more green, lush, vibrant and colorful, let's head out and capture the beauty all around and within your family.

Here’s why you should totally get a photoshoot in Spring:

Everyone is tired of being cooped up inside

I love being cooped inside our house, said no kid ever! Their unspent energy is keeping them wiggly and up, way past their bedtime. The idea of spending an evening outside in nature is something you will never have to sell! They will be so willing to be out and about, gathering flowers and playing in the grass. And you too, will welcome this beautiful break, just being outside in the fresh cool air is exactly what you have needed. I know I have needed these warm days! And here’s the best part, all those smiles and wiggles will look so beautiful and nostalgic in the photograph.

Spring has the most beautiful backdrop

This is a no brainer. The show that Spring puts up is the most beautiful of all! Every tree is budding with life and beauty. The grass is lush and green and tall. There are wildflowers everywhere, heck even the weeds and dandelions look so beautiful after a brown barren winter!

And there is something about the cool breeze and warm sun that make everything glitter like little diamonds.

This is one time in the year when you do not need any props for your photographs. The landscape is so enchanting, that is your prop!

Warmer longer days

The Sun sets a little later now, giving you enough time to finish the little one’s nap, feed them snacks and head out for the photoshoot. I know so many parents of littles find it difficult to keep up with the sunset times in summer and in winters! The Spring sunset does not interfere with little’s nap or bedtime!

The longer and warmer evenings give you all the breathing space you need and help you get ready for your Spring Family Photoshoot!

Easier to get on your Favorite Photographer’s calendar

Haven’t we all, at some point in time, scrambled through Google search looking for a photographer available to capture our Fall Family Photoshoots? Only to be met with disappointment because photographers tend to get all booked months in advance for their fall photoshoot!

But not in Spring! Because most families want to get their Holiday Card pictures done in Fall, the photographers are relatively easier to book in Spring. So head on to your favorite photographer website and book yourself a Spring Family Photoshoot while you can!

Do not have a favorite Family Photographer yet? Here’s how you can find a photographer that will vibe just well with your family!

Do you think you are ready for a Spring Family Photoshoot?


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