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You are my Sunshine

The reason why we Moms put up with so much in our day to day lives

Mom and Me in San Antonio Rancho by Beautiful Stories Photography
Mom and Me in San Antonio Rancho

I was having a frazzled morning! The kind where nothing is on time, your toast gets burned, coffee doesn’t get brewed because you forgot to add water to the damn machine(why can’t they just make coffee machines that are self sufficient and produce a decent coffee first thing in the morning) and right when you are about to leave to get your daughter to school on time, your clingy toddler announces he just made a poo-poo.

There goes 5 minutes, the idea of getting my daughter to school on time and the last bit of patience I had!

But what can you do… when a man’s gotta poo the man’s gotta poo!

And the worst part… it was only 8am and I was not even halfway through my morning's liste de chose à faire.

I had to

Drop Kiara to school

Pack my toddler’s lunch

Get him ready for his preschool(if you know him, this in itself is an hour long job)

Drop a howling clingy child(the said toddler) to his school

Get back to Kiara’s school for her Ukulele Recital.

Kiara must have seen the worry on my face, she paused me amidst my panic and told me she doesn’t care much about her Ukulele recital, so I can totally skip that. Now I know I have said this a dozen times before and I totally have my mom goggles on, but this little girl has the maturity of a saint. I said nothing to her at the time and proceeded to haul them both in the car and drive towards her school.

You see, Vicky is traveling for “work” to London! I mean seriously! Of all the places in the world he gets to travel to London while I stay back to clean p** p**. Well, every dog has its day! It's his today 🙂

And a work trip sans kids is totally a vacay!

So that explains my never ending morning and several more days until he gets back. Usually I am pretty good about planning ahead and keeping all the messes under control. But if you change the schedule on me… I do not know how to proceed!

Anyone else en-slaved to their calendar?

So anyways, I did manage to reach Kiara's recital, sans my morning coffee, right when it started. When she spotted me, she lit up and flashed her most beautiful smile.

And then she played “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” on ukulele and a lump rose in my throat and my eyes teared up. Now I am not one of those crazy moms who cry at every single one of their precious child's recitals(pssst… I totally am) but right here, right now, there was no stopping me.

It was one hell of a morning and that was one child I will relive this morning for, a thousand times over!

I wish I could tell you I am one of those people who seek sunshine throughout their day, but I don’t.

I too rush through life jumping from one task to another, too busy to appreciate this beautiful life.

But today, when I paused, I felt the beauty and the love that we Moms sometimes take for granted.

Let this be your sign to seek sunshine today and know that you are loved and wanted by those little ones 25 hours a day, no matter how overwhelming, they love you with all they have.

And when you do find your sunshine, please write to me about it! Let’s shine some light in each other’s life!


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