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DIY Spring Family

Spring is when life's alive in everything

-Christina Rossetti

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year.
There is something so magical about the wildflowers that fills your heart with so much hope and love and you never want to forget that feeling!
Thats exactly why I created this guide.

So you can tell the beautiful story of your family in your own voice!

Here's a look at 

What you'll get

  • A 66 page guide covering everything you need to know about photographing your family in spring, for yours to keep, forever!

  • From locations to outfits to background and lightening, I talk about it all.

  • Don't have a fancy camera? No worries at all, you can take gorgeous images with cell phones too.

  • I share my secrete sauce to posing families and walk you through my entire workflow.

Get your copy and start clicking!!!

Guide to DIY Spring Family
Photo session

Get my secret sauce to candid, emotive and love soaked images of your family!!

Now head over to your email and download your guide.

Happy Clickin!!


Hi! I am Heena!


Here are three things you don't know about me:

I did not drink any caffeinated drink until I started working for Google. The constant aroma from the Barista on my floor lured me in. I am now hooked for life!! 

All my life I considered myself a scientific, logical, non-creative person. It was only after my daughter was born that I picked a camera and realized art and science can happily co-exists

After a long day at work, instead of relaxing on a couch, I prefer a walk to our local park where we(my family) spend all our evenings until Day Light Savings push us indoors.

Tell me something unique about you?

The Wednesday

Do you love heart warming stories?

Every Wednesday I show up in your inbox with a fun story, a tip on how to photograph your tribe, any new cool things that I am working on and a funny tweet!

Friends never let friends get boring newsletters! Promise!!!

So glad that you signed up!See you Wednesday!


I have bookmarked some fun reads for you,
hope you will like them!

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