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5 Reasons to Do a Maternity Photo Session

A Special Way to Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Bay Area Maternity Photo Session by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Maternity Photo Session

I do not have one picture from when I was pregnant with my daughter. One picture!

I have a customary picture from the baby shower but not one picture where I am flaunting my baby belly and showing all the love I felt for this unborn child.

Maybe it wasn’t a thing then or the fact that I had gained a whooping 75 pounds during my pregnancy that I just didn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. Whatever it was, it kept me from documenting the most amazing journey of life.

So when I was pregnant with my son, I vowed to not make that mistake again and documented my pregnancy along the way.

Today, those are some of my most favorite photographs of myself. It showcases all the love and anticipation that we all felt for this new member of our family.

So if you, too, are on the fence of whether or not you need a Maternity Photoshoot, let me tell you 5 reasons why you, absolutely, can not miss your Maternity Photo Session.

Celebrate this journey to Motherhood

The journey to Motherhood is not an easy one. And it definitely does not come easily either. If you are like me, you have waited months, if not years to feel this miracle in your body. And now that you are here, you go through this assortment of conflicting emotions every day. From anxiety to hope, from fear to joy and most of all, all the love that you feel for your baby.

Celebrate this beautiful journey to Motherhood.

Capture all this love and hope you feel for this little human. It is so worth it!

Bay Area Maternity Photo Session by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Maternity Photo Session

Believe it or not, you are going to miss your bump

Baby bump brings with it, along with all the wonderful things the aches and pains of a growing body. You are either feeling down with nausea or back ache or sleepless nights.

You cannot wait to meet your baby and feel like yourself again.

But let me tell you this, as strange as this sounds you are actually going to miss this beautiful baby bump of yours!

These tiny kicks and the flicker of moments inside of you. It's one of the sweetest sensations in the world.

Photograph this cute baby bump of yours, you would love to relive this moment in time through these timeless photographs.

Capture all the love you feel for your little one with a Maternity Photo Session

It’s the biggest miracle for me! The way we fall in love with someone we have never met. Yet we know we will love and protect this person with our lives.

Is there a more pure form of love? I don’t think so!

You have been dreaming and hoping and loving this baby since they were the size of a peanut. Soon they will be in your arms!

Capture this love that you feel for them.

Capture this love that your partner feels for them.

This beautiful family that you are creating deserves to be documented.

Bay Area Maternity Photo Session by Beautiful Stories Photography
Bay Area Maternity Photo Session

Create heirlooms you would love to share with your children

10 years from now when this little one is a Big Kid, they would love looking at the pictures of when they were still in the mummy tummy.

And 30 years from now when they are expecting, these pictures will hold a whole new meaning and will be so much more valued!

And when your grandkids will sit on the floor and pour over these photographs, these will be an irreplaceable treasure!

We don’t realize this in the present moment, but these photographs that we create are actually heirlooms we will pass on to our next generations to come.

How do I know this?

Because every summer when we visit my childhood home, my kids’ favorite activity is to fish through our old family albums and look at pictures of their mom and dad and uncles and aunts and grandma and grand dad when they were little.

They ask my mom to tell stories about the pictures and they laugh and bond over something that happened 70 years ago!

You deserve to be celebrated

Yes! You! You are going through a tremendous transformation. Something that will leave you unraveled and broken and fixed in ways you could never imagine.

Your body is beautiful and is working so hard to bring this beautiful human to life.

You deserve to celebrate yourself and your body and this incredible transformation.

You need to see how loved and special you are and you deserve to be pampered in every possible way.

So get dressed in your finest and step out for an evening full of love, joy and hope.

You deserve it!

Whenever you are ready, you can book your Maternity Photo Session from here.


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