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6 Fun ways to Celebrate New Years Eve with young kids

San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer | Beautiful Stories Photography

Heading out to celebrate New Years with young kids is a recipe for disaster, we all know that! But don't let that scare you from welcoming the New Year with friends, family and lots of fun! Below are some fun, kid friendly ways to celebrate New Years Eve.

Go Fancy!

Bonsoir messieurs et dames! Pull out the French in you and host a fancy fancy party at your home. See the 2 fancies, coz one just won't do it! Kids love playing dress up. Join them and dress up in your finest! Plan an elaborate 5 course meal with mocktails. Set up the table, complete with table napkins. Kids get super excited when they are treated like royals! And you will enjoy all these royalties too!

Have a Dance party

Shake it off! Create a kid friendly dance playlist and blast those speakers. Dance puts everybody in a good mood, kids and parents alike! And you won't feel as guilty eating the New Years cake. There's cake, right?