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7 Tips for a Successful Summertime Newborn Photoshoot

Summertime Newborn Photoshoot: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mom with newborn and little girl at a sunset in Bay Area
Newborn Photography in Bay Area

You hold in your arms the most precious gift. Suddenly your whole life and all the hours in the day revolve around this beautiful little human. You never want to forget how they lay their head on your chest or how their tiny little hands feel in yours. And don’t get me started on that newborn smell! Hands down the one thing that I miss the most from when my munchkins were babies is the newborn smell!

Well, you can’t really preserve the smell, but for everything else you would want to book a Newborn Photoshoot.

Now, there are a lot of ways to go about booking your Newborn Photoshoot in the Bay Area. In this blog I want to talk about the Newborn Photoshoot in Summer, because it's right here!

I know it feels daunting to step outside for a photoshoot with this newborn who does not seem to have a routine yet, trust me when I say this, you and your baby need this break. You will thank yourself for booking an outdoor Newborn Photoshoot!

Find the bay area photographer, whose style you love

What is the one most important thing to have a Newborn Photoshoot, a photographer! Now given the gazillion search results when you look for a “newborn photographer in the bay area”, it's no easy feat to find the one that will jibe with your precious family!

Lucky you, I have just the formula to find the right photographer for you!

Just a little bit of research and knowing what you are actually looking for can do wonders. I will tell you my secret, anytime I have to find services, I look at Google Maps for the service and reviews. I feel I can trust the reviews at Google.

Communicate your expectations for Newborn Photo Session

A lot of times we have some expectations or visions for our photoshoot, the best way to bring those to life is to talk to your photographer!

Do you want to have a picture of your baby sleeping on your chest like he does after every feeding? Let your photographer know.

Do you want to get a picture of daddy burping the baby? Guess what, let your photographer know.

These little stories are so special and so very personal. Only you know that your baby smiles when she is sleeping or how he prefers to be held on the shoulder. Unless you convey your exact expectations your photographer won’t know.

Family with Newborn in Grassy fields in the Bay Area
Newborn Photoshoot in Bay Area

Choose the perfect location in Bay Area for Newborn Photoshoot

Summer photoshoots are very special, they are held at sunset at some of the most beautiful locations in the Bay Area. Do you prefer tall golden grass or would you rather have a lake in the background? Let your photographer know your preference and they will suggest the best possible place.

Photographers scout a lot of locations in the beginning of every season, chances are they already know a place that will meet your expectations. When in doubt, here are my favorite places to photograph in the Bay Area.

Plan your outfits for Newborn Photo Session

Did you spend hours in the baby section selecting outfits when you were pregnant? Same! I did that too. It's so fascinating how someone can fit into the tiniest onesie possible. And don’t even get me started on tulle and all those pretty bows and button down shirts with overalls! I mean, if I could dress my baby throughout the day, I would!

Breaking news, babies do not care about all those tulles and bows and overalls! If anything, they hate all the fancy stuff. Only if somebody told me that before I shopped my cart full of fancy clothes.

That’s why I am here, to tell you what your Newborn would actually prefer wearing for his photoshoot.

And when you have the outfit figured out, plan for at least 2 changes of clothes. Babies spit up ALL THE TIME!

Little girl kissing newborn in a park in the Bay Area
Newborn Photography in Bay Area

Layer up your Newborn

I know given all the crazy Summer weather in the Bay Area, you are worried about your baby being too cold outdoors. Dress her in layers. Add a light sweater over her full sleeve onesie or include her blanket! The sweater or blanket adds amazing texture to photographs and how cute the babies look all bundled up!

Even better if Grandma made the blanket or if it was passed down in the family, it will be a beautiful keepsake!

Bring baby food

I am yet to meet a baby who did not need to feed during the photoshoot. Don’t you like to sip your iced latte as soon as you get on the road trip? Babies like to feed on their day out too. That's the thing with baby food, you can never have too much! When you think your baby will not drink or eat something, they will totally surprise you. So plan for extra milk!


Easier said than done! Right? Us moms will always figure out something to worry about, but let me tell you something. There is absolutely nothing that can go wrong on your newborn's photoshoot! Nothing! If she gets hungry, you will have some tender pictures of you or your partner feeding them, if he gets cranky, you will have the most precious pictures of you comforting your baby. This time is priceless! It sure feels overwhelming right now, but in a few years when you are washing their smelly soccer clothes, you will yearn for this baby sleeping comfortably in your arms.

So take a deep breath and just be in this moment! Everything else will fall in place.

And when you are ready, check out what the Newborn Photo session with me looks like.


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