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8 Tips for Going Back to Work After a Baby

Heading Back to Work After Baby? Let's Conquer This, Mama!

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I sobbed on the passenger seat as my husband drove me to the office. 

It was my first day back to work after having a baby.

Mom guilt, separation anxiety and the imposter syndrome, all muddled together in my head and made me question my choices.

I was 8 weeks postpartum when my maternity leave ended.

In all fairness, I was still recovering from my C-section, finding my ways around breast-feeding and pumping and was acutely sleep deprived.

Even though I sometimes felt trapped in my home and was eager to get back to work, I was myself surprised at this sudden onset of contradictory emotions.

I was clearly not ready.

Or maybe not as ready as I had hoped to be.

For whatever reason, I thought, when the time came to head back, I would feel ready.

But the time to join the office came and all I could feel was anxiety and guilt.

Like any transition in life, there are huge emotions involved and it takes some prep to navigate this next phase working motherhood.

Here's a mama-to-mama guide for a smoother return to your career. I don’t promise there won’t be any tears on the first day back, but I promise you, you are not alone and that first coffee in peace in the office micro kitchen, will feel divine!

Let's get ready to get back to work after baby!

Family Photo Session in Bay Area by Beautiful Stories Photography

1. Prep Your Mind to get Back to work after Baby

This is going to be the biggest and the most important step.

To be honest, you will never feel great leaving a piece of your heart behind when you get back to the office. 

There will be a whirlwind of emotions, from separation anxiety to the excitement of getting back. Acknowledge those feelings, talk to your partner, friends, or fellow moms, then make a conscious decision to rock this. 

Remind yourself why you love your job and the value you bring.

2. The Pumping Plan 

If you're breastfeeding, pumping at work is a whole new adventure. 

Talk to your HR about designated spaces and schedule in "pump breaks." 

Get used to your pump beforehand, and stock your work bag with the essentials (nursing pads, extra milk bags, and maybe an ice pack!).

3. Ease Back In 

If possible, negotiate a staggered return – shorter days or a few days a week initially. This eases you (and baby!) into the new routine and won’t cause as much panic and anxiety as the whole 8 hours days.

Don't hesitate to speak to your boss about flexibility during this transition.

4. Childcare is KEY 

Whether it's a daycare, a nanny, or relying on awesome grandparents, finding reliable childcare you trust is essential for your peace of mind. Do your research, interview thoroughly, and have backup plans in case your little one gets the sniffles.

Make sure to start your baby’s transition to child care well in advance. Sometimes the little bundles take some time to adjust to a new caregiver.

The last thing you want is for you and your baby transitioning together.

5. Outsourced Blessings 

“How does she do it all” is the most dangerous myth women have to live by.

Now to tell you the truth, it takes a village to raise a baby and no mom can do it all by herself. 

So please, ask for help. Out source if you can.

If your budget allows, embrace some help – a house cleaner every other week, meal delivery services, or even a dog walker can take some pressure off. 

Your sanity during this transition matters!

6. Prep the Night Before 

Mornings can be chaotic. 

Pack lunches, lay out clothes for you and baby, and get your work bag ready the night before. 

Those extra minutes in the morning are golden.

7.  Let Go of "Perfect" 

There are no perfect moms.

Don’t lose your mind trying to be one.

Your house won't be Pinterest-worthy, every meal won't be homemade, and that's okay. Prioritize what matters MOST (sleep, baby snuggles, healthy-ish food), and let the rest slide for now.

8. Support Squad 

Communicate openly with your partner – this is teamwork! 

Lean on friends and family who offer help, learn to delegate. 

Even if it's taking the baby for a walk so you can have a shower. 

And remember, your mama tribe is always a text away for support!

Give yourself massive grace, mama! 

There will be tears (yours and baby's), tough days, and moments when you question it all. But you, mama, are strong and capable. 

Remember, you're a role model for that little one, showing them you can chase your dreams AND be an incredible mother.

You've got this! 

With love and solidarity


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