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How to make Mother’s Day Special

Mama, You Deserve More Than Crafts: Steal Some "Me Time" This Mother's Day

Mom & Me Photo Session by Beautiful Stories Photography
Mom & Me Photo Session

Mother’s day is around the corner and teachers, partners and little ones everywhere are creating macaroni necklaces, crafting paper flowers and making finger painting art.

They are planning an elaborate breakfast in bed(which I know you are secretly dreading, because guess who will clean up the mess after?).

Don’t fret, there will be flowers too and the beautiful smiling faces of your little ones smothering you with kisses and sticky hands.

Oh the love and joy of being a mom of little ones!

But you also know that mothering does not pause on Mother’s Day. If anything you are still in charge of the mess they have created while preparing the perfect Mother’s Day brunch for you.

As much as you deserve a complete day to rest and recuperate and be showered by love, I know you will be planning things for the entire family.

So why not do things that you like, and let the little ones get a glimpse of Mom indulging in self-care, albeit with the little humans in tow.

Here are some ideas to sprinkle some mama magic into your day and make mother's day special!

The Art of Saying "No":

From mother’s day brunches to Mom and me activities of paint, flying kites or making pottery, there will be a thousand different things advertised in your community. Or maybe it's your friends or your kid's friend’s moms who have these plans.  

It's okay to politely decline extra commitments that you don’t absolutely enjoy. Protecting your time and energy allows you to refill your cup and be the best version of yourself for your family (and avoid a full-blown meltdown).

The "Mini Spa" Experience:

Send your kids and partner to run an errand while you draw a warm bath (with actual bubbles!), light some candles (if the fire hazards are contained!), throw on your favorite music, and let the stress melt away.  

The Movie Marathon (with Popcorn!):

Movie afternoons are my favorite!

Pick your favorite flicks, grab some snacks (healthy or not, we're not judging!), curl up on the couch with the littles, and enjoy a relaxed afternoon with your babies.

Hopefully you will all agree on a movie 🙂

Make Mother's Day Special with a "Mommy and Me" Outing:

Whether it's a picnic in the park or just a simple bike ride around the neighborhood, try to get some fresh air and sun.

A simple act of basking in the sun is a mood booster for everyone and all that extra sun will definitely tire them out, giving you an early bedtime!

Remember the Little Things:

It might feel overwhelming when you are in the thick of diaper changes and feeding every few hours, remember the little things that bring you joy. That newborn smell, the sweet snuggles and the little sticky hands.

You mean the world to these little humans!

On this day, drop all the guilt and enjoy all the attention. You are the main character in your house.

Capture the Moment:

Even if it's just a quick selfie with your little ones, take a moment to capture the memories of this special day.

Remember, mama, Mother's Day doesn't have to be extravagant to be meaningful. It's about celebrating YOU and the incredible role you play in your family's life. So, take a deep breath, soak in the love (and maybe avoid the glitter explosions for a few hours), and have a happy Mother's Day from you to you!

P.S. Share your favorite ways to make Mother's Day special in the comments below! Let's inspire each other and celebrate the amazing mamas in our lives.


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